Policies: GOP vrs Democrats

By:  Diane Benjamin

Why was the Obama economy awful while the Trump economy is booming?



I don’t know why the Pantagraph allows Justin Boyd to write editorials, but today I am glad they did.

Justin thinks starting a business in Bloomington is really hard because of all the paperwork the City requires.  So what is his solution?

Hire a person to walk them through the paperwork!

Another salary, another benefits package, and another pension.  Spoken like a true Democrat Justin!

Republican suggestion:  Fire the paper pushers and allow entrepreneurs to flourish without the heavy hand of government deciding if they are the “right fit”.

Side note:  I hear Bloomington has tons of various inspectors who finish their work by noon and take the rest of the day off.

Is Illinois under Democrat leadership (and values) prosperous?

Like high taxes and watching your friends leave the state because of sinking property values, no opportunities, and stupid laws?  Don’t fall for the stump speeches claiming  fiscal responsibility.  Name one Democrat that doesn’t spend and tax then spend more!

If you don’t understand a vote for democrats is voting for your own destruction, you must have a government job.  Congrats.  You won’t see your pension unless you retire really soon.




15 thoughts on “Policies: GOP vrs Democrats

  1. I’m a soybean former and former Republican. I say that with no pleasure. Trump’s stupid tariffs with China bankrupted my farm and killed my savings. I’m done with the idiot. He killed the economy for us family farmers. Been GOP my whole life. Now I’m #YangGang


      1. My family and I have been farming soybeans and corn longer than Trump has been a Republican. Me and my fellow soybean farmers had no issues till this administration. We had no issues with the federal government intervening until Trump placed his dumb tariffs and China retaliated by placing huge tariffs on soybeans which killed my farm. There are many farmers with a similar story as mine. That’s why I’ve #walkaway from GOP. I guess the opposite direction of the Candace Owens movement in this case lol


    1. If you had no issues with government prior to the tariffs, then you need to check your privilege and be thankful. Farmer hit with the waters of the US rule we’re not so lucky. I appreciate that someone is finally taking on China. They are our enemy…not our friend. What do you think will happen to our markets if we leave their growing economic power unchecked, continue to allow currency manipulation and trade abuse, and then they decide to flex on us? Whether you realize it or not, pain from China has been coming. It may not be perfect right now, but at least the battle is somewhat on our terms.

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      1. Just what I need: another out of touch elitist telling me I’m privileged because I oppose Trump’s dumb trade war with China. Straight from the words of elitist billionaires Peter Navarro and Steve Mnuchin who’ve never worked an honest day in their lives. My family and fellow farmers are hurting. This is a zero-sum trade war. Don’t tell me about privelage when I’m struggling to even pay my Bills right now and taking two extra jobs so I can provide for my family.


      2. I didn’t say you were privileged because you oppose the trade war. I said you were privileged if you’ve never had a problem with the government interfering. Many have not been so fortunate. Good job name-callIng and avoiding a legitimate question!

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  2. Justin is clueless about the local government support provided in Bloomington. Tax dollars go to the Small Business “service” located at IWU. The Economic Development department offers support to small businesses as well. Can the City make it easier? Yes. The current bureaucrat in the Community Development who creates all of the paperwork could be removed. But the new Zoning Ordinance which Justin, former Chair of the Planning Commission, voted in place could have been streamlined.
    Justin is a piece of work. Is it possible he has begun campaigning?


  3. The reason the Chinese tariffs are disproportionately impacting agriculture is because that is the only area where the Chinese can retaliate against the US. This is because agricultural products are the only thing China buys from the US in any significant quantity. Meanwhile they dump tons of cheap consumer products here without purchasing a reciprocal amount of US manufacturing products.

    It stinks for Ag producers who are affected by the dispute, but the long-term implications for the Economy if we don’t get the Chinese situation under control are far worse.

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  4. Farmers have been up and down for decades. And this year many are having issues due to all the flooding. I suspect that Frustrated Soybean Farmer is no other than,,,,wait for it,,,drum roll please,,,,the frustrated unemployed librarian.

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