What else Connect Transit is up to:

When there isn’t enough room at a stop for a shelter, you get new concrete and this.   They are metal, very cold in the winter and scorching hot in the summer.

SW corner of Washington and Clinton:


9 thoughts on “What else Connect Transit is up to:

  1. Is there a shopping channel for public transportation companies? I bet they got a free pair of pink fuzzy dice for a bus rear view mirror with their order?


  2. Uh, do ya stand on it and jump around? Maybe MC Hammer will make an appearance. Other than that, another sign of low rider numbers expected.


  3. Drive by Walmart in north Normal for another spending spree by Connect and/or Town of Normal. They made bus pull over lanes so traffic can flow better.


  4. Drive by Walmart in north Normal. Bus lanes have been built so traffic is no longer impeded. Not sure who paid for that!


  5. More proof that there’s no common sense thinking at Connect Transit. They need to be defunded and removed from the EDC and any other economic or local government decision making or influencing body. This self-serving organization has zero credibility, no critical thinking skills, perpetually lies to the community and its ridership, and burns through money it doesn’t have with careless disregard.


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