Bloomington recap 11/18/19

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two council members were absent:  Joni Painter and Kimberly Bray

Connect Transit’s Judy Buchanan didn’t show up.  The presentation was cancelled “due to illness”.

Side Note:

WGLT reported only 6 members out of 13 attended the illegal Saturday meeting – they discussed items for almost 4 hours anyway:

How much of what was discussed will need to be discussed again?  How much information will the 7 absent members never hear?  Board members Mike McCurdy and Julie Hile were there with the consultant – Smart Growth America.  Didn’t McCurdy say at a Normal meeting  he has stayed out of what the Working Group is dong?

The meeting was illegal because the agenda wasn’t posted 48 hours in advance.  Making it worse, the meeting location was changed after the agenda was posted.  This is a serious group trying to find solutions?  One won’t be smaller buses.

Jim Karch gave a presentation of the road and sidewalk work completed this year.  Everything is on this website:

Karch played a video, some of it time lapse from downtown (1:01).  Karch didn’t mention while showing the road work on GE Road the speed of the cars flying past the crews.  See 1:04:30.   Is it that hard to slow down?

Tim Gleason made an announcement at 1:17:50.  On December 2 Bloomington will hold a joint work session with Normal to discuss yet again a sports complex.  It will be held in the Normal Council chambers probably at 5:30.  The only new item to be discussed is how to pay $43,000,000.  Normal sees hotel and food/beverage taxes.  They want that revenue and evidently the low wage jobs it produces.  Neither city has the money and no private organization has stepped up to cover that cost.  That only leaves a tax increase.   Meanwhile Normal needs MILLIONS for the underpass.

Maybe the magic money fairy has showered somebody with money.   In two weeks we will find out.

Why does Jenn get closer to Tari with every meeting?  Is Jenn still leaving her light on all the time making it difficult for other Council members to be recognized?  It’s hard to tell from the video.

jenn Tari's lap

It appears there is not only a circus during meetings, there is one outside too:

circus tent


4 thoughts on “Bloomington recap 11/18/19

  1. Speaking of WGLT…. has everyone seen the Huge electronic billboard ad for them on Veterans? I can’t believe that considering their fantastic leadership, programming and NPR news that they need to advertise to attract listeners? I bet they just have extra money to spend on local advertising. Thank you to everyone pledging your hard earned money to the them. They are obviously spending it wisely!

  2. When I went to the video, the first thing that I saw was a smirk, a profoundly distasteful smirk on the face of the mayor. When elected to office one is allowed the title of “Honorable”
    in front of their name. Honorable ?
    “…public office should double the responsibility a man feels for his home, his own neighborhood, his home town.” AES II at Bloomington 1952
    Mayor Renner, how dare you call yourself a Democrat.

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