Hockey AGAIN?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s my take on today’s hockey announcement:

Hockey can show a profit for VenuWorks if they are smarter than in the past.

ISU is only charged $2000 to play at the Coliseum, the ticket sales are dismal so they might not break even.  At least they aren’t bleeding for the privilege of playing there:

isu Hockey

The Flying Aces were bleeding because they were charged $5000 per game.  Even with better ticket sales, it didn’t cover $5000.

aces hockey

Did you notice VenuWorks netted about the same profit?

Maybe the new hockey team owners are marketing wizards and can get people to buy tickets.  Maybe people are fed up with local hockey.

Either way, VenuWorks can’t charge them $5000 a game and expect them to last.  They should concentrate on food and beverage revenue, not gouging the team.

I can’t wait for the first event report!


6 thoughts on “Hockey AGAIN?

  1. The marketing people at the arena are clueless how to promote sporting events is the first problem. Second, professional hockey at any level unless it’s the NHL, will never sell in this area. In the past, the arena management contract included wording that the arena had to have professional hockey. I do not know if that is the case now. CIAM had it there management contract because John Butler thought he could pull off Peoria Rivermen II in Bloomington without any pre-marketing due diligence. Also Markowitz wanted hockey because her Sonny Boy had played at the lower levels and did it for him (think Lorenz and her 43.1 million soccer fetish). There are some creative things that could be done to put people in seats that include hockey and related ice events but low level pro or developmental hockey isn’t one of them. The proof is in the hard, cold attendance figures.

    1. I’m with you, MPEABODY. However, not even the best marketing strategists can sell a breakeven event at the Arena. We just can’t support it as a community.

  2. YEAH! Hell YEAH, I want to sit INDOORS on a winter day and watch semi-pro players on ICE! Just like I’m watching the Impeachment hearings from 8 a.m. on…
    I’m getting to where I REALLY MISS the fake news that’s not even on because of 50 million repeated questions.
    Are these Washington folks REALLY that brain dead, IF SO, Tari and Koos would be the “right fit”

    1. The TV coverage of the hearings has made Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos look good. Hats off the many TV stations in the afternoon (Springfield and Decaut) who dumped this crap and ran local programming unlike the morons at WEEK/WHOI and WMBD.

  3. Notice that event labor cost is $1600 more for the pro team than for ISU. That is one of the main dfferences and a place to cut.

  4. Barry soskin “owns” 2 other teams in the league and is more than likely on the board or directors of the “beer-league” FHL. Perhaps, With actual team owning experience and a vested interest in the league, he can make it work. Similarly, let’s hope venue works learned from their mistake with the flying aces situation and they will make it work from their end.

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