Fly on the Wall: Downtown Flight

onwallThe buzz is CVS in downtown Bloomington is closing.

Millions later, new roads, and downtown Bloomington continues to decline.  What exactly is this person paid to do?


10 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Downtown Flight

  1. We now have plenty of empty buildings for various pot bars, etc. Perhaps legalizing prostitution would also make sense now too? Bloomington Illinois: The Amsterdam of the Midwest

    Gambling, drugs and prostitution… what could possibly go wrong with that winning combination?

      1. Great idea! Some of the old store front windows could feature some of the ladies that are for rent. Now we should also cater to the Rainbow people too! After all we do have two mayors who are rainbow sash wearers, right? Imagine the national attention we would get? OMG the hotels would fill up and the money would be flowing into our area. I truly think this is the way to go for downtown Bloomington. Drugs and prostitution are the future!

  2. They been there a long time, so I only wonder why it took them so long to leave? I bet the Mayor has a Pot Store in mind to replace them.

  3. Tax RAINBOW flags at 5% per stripe and put up “special” places for them to use bathrooms and live and fly their flags. Let Tari and Koos run it, and it’ll be BROKEN within a year!
    Then we could legalize stupidity in politics & tax it, and be the RICHEST community in AMERICA!!!

  4. Not a surprise. There’s nothing Downtown to support the CVS. I’m surprised they made it this long. I’m sure mayor tippytoes is eyeing the space for a government or quasi-government occupant. The top tier retailers should be all lined up, according to the pharaoh of finance, Austin Grammer.

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