Know what this is?

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader sent me these pics last week.  Do you know what and where this is?

I can tell you this site looks even worse in person, I drove by yesterday.

The location is on S. Morrisey Ave, I believe where Wildwood Industries used to be.  Drive one road west of Morrisey to see it up close.

I’m told the massive stack is all car seats waiting to be recycled.  Some car seats must arrive in cardboard boxes and just added to the stack in the boxes.

Is there a market for the plastic?  If it was profitable I would expect them to be hiring to get this eyesore reduced.  I hear the pile is growing faster than it can be processed.  I’m sure the neighbors enjoy driving past it.

The property might be zoned light industrial, it looks more like a dump.

26 thoughts on “Know what this is?

  1. Wow! The East Side wont even allow a new gas station on Hershey and General Electric Road but this is OK? Maybe Mayor Little Man should drive his Corvette to the “other side” of town once-in-awhile? You know… where the people who don’t make 6 figure salaries live and try to raise their families.

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  2. Hope they run out of space and START dumping them in the Managers, Mayors AND Council peoples yards. This is AWFUL! Looks like an unattended landfill!


  3. If this was my backyard…I would be enraged. Great job Bloomington Leaders! I bet the resale value of your home hit a all time high with this type amenity in your neighborhood. Anybody, ever smell rotting/decaying cardboard? I have and it smells like S#@*!


  4. Well you reap what you sow. When you rail against any regulations or zoning laws this is what happens. Government agencies, has suffered from the “shrink it ’til it can be drowned in the bathtub” work of Republicans in Congress and the White House since Reagan. This goes hand and hand with Texas which has several chemical plant explosions killing employees and causing the evacuations of neighborhoods. Now all of a sudden you want regulations pronto. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t advocate for no regulations and then insist that those non-existent regulations be enforced.


    1. What are you talking about? Who in this thread is even talking about zoning laws or regulations? NO one except for you. It is real simple H J Bard. What happens in one part of town WOULD never happen in another part of town. This is because liberal socialist elites (like you) who run this town would never allow a mountain of garbage in your neighborhood. But for the working poor on the west side of Bloomington (who have no voice) they just have to grin and bear it, right? Are you standing up for them? No you are babbling about Texas and regulations and killing employees.

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    2. BloNo has regulations. Businesses should try their best to be good neighbors, especially if located adjacent to residential areas. Perhaps the residents should contact Code enforcement. That mound of waste is a breeding ground for vermin.

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  5. The Democratic socialist elites get taxpayer funded cultural facilities and sponsored events while the working poor get a mountain of garbage in their backyard?


  6. I was told they were awarded a contract from Walmart who had a car seat recycling program. So, these are from trade ins that Wal-Marts from across the country are tricking into Bloomington. Not sure if that’s true or not but, it’s what was told to me.

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  7. Smelly,….used….pooped on, peed in car seats, from all over the country, coming to “Right Fit” Bloomington.

    What a metaphor!

    Tari… own this one!!

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  8. Very interesting. A few years back, some buddies and I were driving by the old Wildwood office building on Morrissey and decided to take a peek at the building since one of us was looking for a new office space. Peaking in the window, I recall the space looked good and was in solid shape. Near the door area was an 8.5×11 printed note/sign indicating that the EDC or City, I forget which, was offering the space as part of some economic development initiative or project. None of us called or followed up. Wonder if the elites at the EDC or City screened or okay these “recyclers”. This is the best they could do for an occupant?! Economic development at its finest.


      1. Apparently there are no high tech companies or financial services companies interested in relocating to Bloomington. Oh wait, a certain big player makes sure these types of companies don’t get incentives to move to BN for fear of losing their best and brightest employees.

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  9. Big contrast between how the thousands of recalled diesel VWs (they’re all gone now) were handled at the former Mitsubishi lot and how this scabrous pile is allowed to grow and fester. Get it cleaned up now, Mayor Right Fit!

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  10. With any recycled goods there is garbage included. That gives us a chance to have our rats, not the political ones, a chance to mate with rats from different areas. I think this is bad! Ooops, or is this diversity of our rat population?


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