UPDATE: Connect Transit threw a Party

Connect Transit responded to my FOIA request:

Connect Transit has not held a Christmas party and has no information to provide regarding “any charges from ISU, costs to decorate, food, etc.”

It was brought to the attention of Management at Connect Transit that the “Christmas Party” to which you may be referring was an annual gathering conducted by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 752, which is the collective bargaining unit representing union employees at Connect Transit.

Questions regarding ATU Local 752 activities should be directed to the elected representatives of that Local.

The party was put on by the union – contrary to what the Facebook post says.  If you pay union dues look into how much of that money was spent on the party!

Connect did had this to the response:

Connect Transit appreciates and values our employees and all the work that they do throughout the year and, as a way to acknowledge those efforts, provides each employee with an annual gift.  These gifts are currently being produced and, per our Procurement Manager, we do not have any invoices on these items and no checks have been sent nor have any payments been made.

It would be more appropriate to respond to this particular portion of your original request after the holidays, when invoices have been received and an accurate, final amount is known.  Please consider this as a request to extend the response deadline on this particular portion of your original request to a time when the requested information is available.


connect Christmas Party

The person who posted this pic on Facebook is a Connect Transit employee.

Your Tax dollars at work!

22 thoughts on “UPDATE: Connect Transit threw a Party

    1. This is my picture I put on my Facebook page. I don’t know how you have access to post it on your blog. I would appreciate if you took it down. I’m not sure how you obtained it. This was a Christmas party put on by our local not Connect Transit.


      1. I’m sorry you get a random picture see the word Connect and think you have a story ! More Fake News your whole story is a sham. Diane try to focus for once on a feel good story try to smile, be happy doom and gloom seems to make your world go round. No TAX PAYERS DOLLARS WASTED HERE . Next…


      2. @Kay – Yes, sometimes Diane is a bit overly negative. But I for one greatly prefer a journalist that is sometimes too zealous in trying to hold power/government accountable vs one that is under-zealous. Or worse, ones that are seemingly complicit in the corruption. Under the circumstances, an update/correction to her story is the appropriate remedy so people don’t think she’s burying a story, or worse, was censored.
        Nobody is perfect, but as best I can tell Diane is far and away the best journalist / news source we have in McLean County.


  1. That full grown adults need a Santa Claus appearance is ludicrous. It’s a complete stick it in your face waste of money. That money would have been better spent donating to a food bank.

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  2. So AGAIN you have your facts wrong. This was a party for the ATU local 752. This was a Union party for working folks who work hard all year long and deserve a party. Connect Transit had no part in the planning or paying for this Christmas party. You need to get your facts straight before printing such FAKE NEWS.


    1. Unions, Connect Transit and working hard CT emploees….All three are a bad joke to the taxpayers. A taxpayer Xmas party would be the end of public unions and Connect Transit both which MBNPA Make Bloomington Normal Poor Again.


      1. “Bus drivers work hard at CT.”…….and can make upwards of $80,000, if I recall correctly. They darn well should. Bet some of them even live in Tari’s neighborhood.


  3. A majority vote of the membership of ATU Local 752 determines how the local spends its money, whether that is for a Christmas party for its members, a charitable donation to cause in the community, or other reasons the majority decides are worthwhile. The books of the local are open to any UNION MEMBER to examine at any time, and the business of the local quite frankly is none of your business since you aren’t a dues paying member!


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