The brilliance of Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story is only possible because of TWO tips.  Keep them coming!

Know what this is:


Maybe a bigger pic will help:


If you look at the stretch above the shadow’s head, you might be able to tell this strip (purposely embedded in the concrete) is supposed to be a drain.  Instead of  drains it is job security for whoever is assigned to keep them clean – that appears to be nobody.  The cigarette butts are a nice addition to downtown.

The Christmas decorations in downtown this year are an improvement over the previous year’s hot messes of old stuff.  I should have added:  slight improvement.

Uptown is over-done, I might have to FOIA how much it cost.  Downtown, especially the trees, look like a job I would have done because it’s too cold to do it right.

At least the roads look nice now.

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10 thoughts on “The brilliance of Bloomington

    1. You beat me to the punch, Cavewoman! Spot on. The 95%+ of BN residents that never go to the Downtown won’t ever see their tax dollars inaction. (Yes, inaction is one-word.)

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    2. Well, tonight is First Friday from 5:00 – 8:00. Many shops and art studios are open for tours. The December month is the all time favorite and tonight the weather is cooperating. I invite someone new each year to join me. No one was disappointed. Jefferson St and Main north to Market St. and a few great studios on Monroe. Doesn’t cost me a dime 🙂


  1. The lack of upkeep looks like crap and and exhibits poor management by the people who manage the city, specifically the mayor taxin’ tari and tim gleason. Speaking of children it’s like explaining to a child if you want a puppy then you will have to take care of the puppy,,,and then they don’t.

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      1. This is Tari’s Red Square. There’s no way the local government media will investigate, much less print a story about, Downtown that is in any way unfavorable to the crown.

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  2. Well they should look better because we paid a company to come in here and put them up this year instead of having all those people that work for the city go down there and put them up. Instead we will pay extra money to have a company come in here and put them up. I would like to know how much it cost us to have them put up and take them down. We waste more manpower doing dumb things around this town


  3. The owners of 309 N. Main need to do a little something to improve the visible side of their
    building. Surely there must be some government funds somewhere. How about a mural of the Mayor ? Never mind the building is too tall.


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