Lorenz and the Underpass

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sometimes I can put puzzle pieces together on my own, sometimes I can’t.  It takes you readers filling in the missing pieces!  Many have, it is much appreciated.

The underpass has MANY puzzle pieces!  Frequently I forget what I have written and what has happened at Council meetings – I am a victim of covering way too many units of government closing in on 8 years now.    How about a #GivingThursday donation?  Contribute now

See the story from earlier today or this story won’t make sense:  https://blnnews.com/2019/12/05/normal-taxpayers-fleeced-again/

There is another really interesting statement in the MOU:

not legally binding

Before the November 18, 2019 Normal Town Council meeting a work session was held pertaining to the underpass.  See this story for details:  https://blnnews.com/2019/11/25/the-normal-underpass-history/

I re-listened to the Work Session and found some interesting things.  Hear Marc Tiritilli at 28:45.  He states there is no reason anything has to be done now, the only reason the underpass is back is because of the $13,000,000 grant.   He is absolutely right per the MOU.

Below is another part of the MOU, according to this paragraph Subway shouldn’t exist and neither should the elevators to City Hall:

mou access

Next listen to Kathleen Lorenz at 1:28:28.  She claims the Council previously decided on an underpass, “that train has left the station” and can’t be changed.

Too bad she didn’t feel that way about the property tax increase.

It’s okay to change your mind on a tax increase Kathleen, but not an underpass? 

Kathleen posted the below on Facebook 1 day before the last election.  Listen to the video – she claims she holds the line on tax increases.  Note the date – it must have been an April Fools joke.

April fool


Work session video:

9 thoughts on “Lorenz and the Underpass

  1. Folks you’re stuck with Chatty Kathy for another three years. Whose up for election is Scottie (Room Service) Preston who lately appears to be more conservative. Anybody who falls for this hype and votes for him in the next election with be stuck with another Kathy on the Normal Town Council: Someone who panders to conservatives and then takes orders from Pam Reece.

    1. Republican nor Democratic is the problem in this town. When people realize there is an organized elitist clique that actually rubs things, the better off you will be. They work together, they socialize together and are each others best friends. It has been this way for decades in BN and will never change. They make decisions that affect your life behind closed doors, at power lunches and at private by invitation functions that only they attend. Any thought that a representative local government exists is total fantasy. The clique is organized to keep everyone they want in and you out. Local oligarchs rule the day.

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