Unit 5 Parents, Teachers, and Students:

I’ve lost track of every source that has wished to remain anonymous.  If you want to be another one, have no fear!

I need information on this:

Unit 5 standards

Is District 87 doing the same them?  Any other area schools?

Email me:  [email protected]


5 thoughts on “Unit 5 Parents, Teachers, and Students:

  1. In theory, this is very noble…everyone is a winner. However, any incentive to achieve is lost. Learning is reduced to the lowest common denominator. The method results in not truly preparing the student with life skills and work ethic. I know because my children recognized the subjectiveness and unfairness of the system.


  2. Just another attempt to polish a turd. No doubt loved by teachers unions. If you don’t worry about points then you have nothing tangible to determine how the school is doing overall. Instead we will just say the person has achieved the goal we have set (a lowered bar no doubt) and can claim we have done a good job. Another way of putting it. For those of you who believe the idea work hard and you will get ahead….bend over. Not only do they want to take that away by this BS but if you do get ahead they will attempt to take it away thru taxes.


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