Problem Identified Last Night

By:  Diane Benjamin


If you believe Common Sense is absent in society today, see more Thomas Sewell quotes here:

Who is paying a price for 1 Uptown Circle?  The building was only constructed because the Town of Normal agreed to rent an entire floor at over market rates.  The first floor is STILL vacant.

The Council who voted for this building is paying no price – taxpayers are.

Shiny and new always appears to be a success, the Coliseum was great the first year.  Then the decline began, then the arrests, you know the current history.  Who paid the price for being wrong?  TAXPAYERS!

Is Uptown on the same path?

I did not attend the Citizens Summit because I didn’t want to be a distraction.  One participant did send me copies of the documents Lyle Sumek handed out for discussion.  Chris Koos was serious about ignoring people who weren’t invited.   Two tables were set up at the entrance – invited people in one line and the local un-invited riff-raff in another.  The two groups never mixed.  Council members circulated among the invited tables, I hear most of the invited were men.

I wonder if the un-invited results were immediately tossed in the garbage?  Participants were required to put their “Table Number” on what they turned in.

Below is one of the pages.  I could comment on virtually ever item listed, but I choose just a few of them:

1)  Vision?

How conceited is it to believe because of an election Trustees think they have magical powers that permit them to use your money for their folly?

Normal had $88,125,000 in bonded debt on 4/1/18.  During the last fiscal year Normal only paid back $1,600,000.  That is Vision? Value?  See this and what was paid back in previous years HERE

According to this document you aren’t supposed to care.  Being fiscally responsible isn’t allowed. (ideology and philosophical)

2)  Data Driven?

Numbers lie and liars use numbers.  Data can be made to say anything.  If real data is essential, click on the link about.  Why did Normal pay MUCH less in principal on bonds last year?  Anyone?  Anyone?

3)  Educating?

The Town just isn’t doing it right!  They need a propaganda manager to educate you and mobilize support.  People who don’t agree are dismissed as zealots.  Understand now why there were TWO LINES to enter?

4)  Personal Recognition?

Maybe the Council can explain why a monument was erected to Mark Peterson.  Gee, that sounds like politics!

The choice is Freedom or Tyranny.  This document proves Normal prefers tyranny, if you disagree with “The Plan” you are wrong.

There might be a Part 2.



14 thoughts on “Problem Identified Last Night

  1. According to WGLT Hile Broad was the keynote speaker. 🙄. Also it says 65 residents showed up but only 6 tables with 5 people each were listened to. Hmmm. That’s bad math. If only 50 people had a voice they ignored 23% of the attendees. 🤷‍♀️ But more than likely 4 Council members ignored everyone who does not like the plan.

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    1. There were 7 invitee tables, because I was at table 7 and table 8 was empty. Lyle did nearly all the whole-room talking; Julie Hile was an invitee at table 7. Assuming 65 residents/participants and 7 tables of 5 invitees, more than 45% of the attendees were ignored.

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    2. I read the WGLT article. Looks to me like Rachel Hile-Broad had a job interview last night for the new Communication manager’s job.


      1. I am a bit surprised Julie’s daughter is back in town. While at UC, she spent most of her time being the social conscience of the campus and was quite busy organizing demonstrations and student political functions. I would think she would want to set her sights higher than being a mouthpiece for Koos at town hall. Perhaps she is looking at this opportunity as a radical-in-training opportunity to gain more street cred before returning to Chitown or landing in NYC as her intellect justifies.


  2. Last sentence……Had in include a snarky little, tasteless insult to Our President, didn’t they?

    And they wonder why we despise them.


  3. I was an invitee. I did not pay attention to the gender mix or racial mix. The Town Council has 3 elected women on it, two white and one African American. If the invitees were overwhelmingly men and if minorities were under represented, why did not the women invite more women and minorities? Why is it that mostly men address the Council during public comment?


  4. The level of sheer arrogance among Koos and his cronies knows no bounds! They’re trying to paint themselves as “serving the community,” while implying that others are playing politics. Talk about projecting!

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  5. I reside in Bloomington , but often the “mayors” work in Unison , and both are progressives who have learned a lot of the ” shitcago way of politics ” Blue agenda . Koo’s wants an Emerald city homage legacy and Terry a Gilded Downtown full of right fitters and followers ..They both don’t give two chits if stuff is fiscally responsible , as long as it fits the whim of those near and dear I saw Normal heading off sides years ago , and ISU is a part of that slide . It used to be keyed around the taxpayer , now it’s about students , friends making money and eerything big and shiny to empress anyone but the taxpayers . This whole state has been shot to hell , thanks to Madigan , and corruption in both aisles long after Daley died .The pension Funds , and teacher unions , A lot of up north and out side influences , have created a swamp full of some players only in it for a slice of the pie , and caring less about bills or service , actual work , taking care of real needs , or anything not increasing their power or wealth .Sadly Koos is not open , trueful or very nice when you get down to it . He is a kid in a candy store , and we pick up the tab and clean the mess and he and his coharts smile like it’s all good and you the taxpayer , citizen and resident just need to suck it up .

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  6. I am certain more people would have felt welcome and participated if;
    – Koos had not publicized his lie that only input from the “elite invitees” would be used
    – the town would have published some sort of public notice beyond the legal minimum

    Essentially Koos, with the help of the Pam, suppressed public input by doing all they could to keep people at home.

    Had Stan not told me about the event and put on Facebook I would have not even know about it. I am glad I ignored Koos’ deception and went anyway.

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