Downtown Bloomington Website

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the front page of the City of Bloomington website is a link to the Downtown Bloomington website:

downtown blm

The first time I clicked on it I got an error message, the second time the website came up:

Next I clicked on Explore Downtown – then Shop.  The site has directory of downtown businesses.

Since I rarely go downtown I don’t know what businesses are still open.  I do know this one closed in October of 2017:



CVS closed on January 2nd, they are still listed too.

Government’s biggest problem is starting projects and dropping the ball later.  When government strays from only providing services citizens can’t provide, they will fail 100% of the time.  Worse, essential services suffer from neglect and lack of funding.

The downtown website wasn’t cheap to construct.  Evidently now the City can’t afford to keep it up to date.


23 thoughts on “Downtown Bloomington Website

  1. Thanks Diane. This is very newsworthy! Such breaking news that it would definately be worth putting behind a paywall and making subscribers pay $5 a month to access! Happy News!


    1. Someone has anger issues? Trump Derangement Syndrome? How is that impeachment going Newsroom BLM? Please, get your Speaker of the House into rehab. Watching and listening to her is almost unbearable for us.

      If you or a loved one does have TDS… get help…. I would not want to see you with a mask rioting and punching people you call “Nazis”.

      And finally, as a monthly contributor to this site – I would gladly pay more. In fact, I think I will increase my donation to Diane next month. She is AWESOME and does a great service to our community with her work.

      Newsroom BLM – head on over to the Pantagraph and WGLT …. you fit in better over there and they tell you want you want to hear!

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  2. Just one more clue…Look into the Connecting to the Future Work Group for CT. Smart Growth America seems to be not involved at this time. CT/Julie Hile seems to be running the show completely now. Not that she was not before. This whole work group thing was a show and we knew that from the get go. Let’s stir the pot and get this ball rolling again. CT continues business as usual and they get zero guff. Over it.

    Julie sent out this email:

    Please be advised that we will reconvene the full CTTF Working Group for an evening meeting next Wednesday, January 22, from 5:30-8:09 pm, if the timing works for a strong majority of Work Group members.

    We will gather without Smart Growth America in attendance and with a focus on exploring whether and on what among the draft recommendations we might come to consensus.

    We will also talk through the remaining question of how we will create a final report that best reflects the work of the group and stands the likeliest chance of being read, understood, and put to productive use by the Transit Board and City and Town Councils.

    Please watch for a Doodle Poll from Jill Sellards Bower here shortly. I know this meeting notice is rather short after a long silence, but I ask that you try to attend Jan 22 if at all possible.

    More from me re meeting preparation once we know whether next Wednesday can be a viable meeting. Like all of you, I am focused on an efficient, strong finish to this intense, important work.

    Thank you as ever for your devotion to the project.

    With warm regards,


    No location was given and very little notice for the meeting was given as well.

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  3. This is an ALL TOO OFTEN occurrence! Seems many towns, cities, businesses, etc START a website with GOOD intentions, then they “drop the ball” Seems only GROWING and VIBRANT businesses and cities keep their sites up to date. Imagine what someone who is thinking of locating a business or such here thinks when they get a website that is about as good as a burned out light bulb.. NO SENSE in starting one IF you’re NOT going to update it Daily/Weekly..depending on your information output..

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  4. Will Veterans Pkwy and Route 9 businesses get their own websites as well? If not, why not? You’re correct Diane, government has no right, nor responsibility to spend so much of our tax money on private businesses!

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    1. It’s pretty telling that the government-led, centrally managed business district is full of vacancies and in decline. The marketplace, meanwhile, has spoken – Veterans and Route 9 are where the business action is. The last thing Veterans and Route 9 need are a government website and the heavy-hand of City Hall.

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  5. They (government) are ALREADY working their way there! See: TIF district in the area, not to mention that WONDERFUL center median on Fairway/service road, that is literally a pain in the pygidium for EVERYONE including the mailman!
    Just look at the Outback Steakhouse parking lot NEXT time you go by. It’s ALWAYS full.
    Wish they would have put that concrete on CLINTON street!


  6. Just as an aside… I lost yet another friend to Trump Derangement Syndrome last week. All I did was try to explain the futility of this impeachment farce and the unconstitutional nature (and abuse of power) of Speaker Pelosi’s holding of the articles of impeachment to exact concessions from the Senate leadership. Suddenly I am unfriended for trying to explain our constitution to someone who doesn’t want to hear anything I say. What the Democrats and their media is doing to our country is treasonous. They are trying as hard as they can to rip us apart. In some cases they are succeeding. Let’s send these traitors a message in the next election. Vote every Democrat out-of-office!

    Here is what we are up against. (Scary stuff) #Expose2020 – PART II: Sanders Staffer “There Are Things More Important Than the Rule of Law in USA”

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  7. Here is exactly the reason we need to keep our guns…..Because morons like this in the video below are actually talking about putting us/you into reeducation camps or “putting us up against the wall” and shooting us. This is how serious this has become for us and our nation.

    #Expose2020 – PART II: Sanders Staffer “There Are Things More Important Than the Rule of Law in USA”

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  8. If you look at the bottom of the downtown Bloomington website, you’ll see that site is built and maintained by an association of downtown businesses. All the city did was add a link (as a way to help business owners, I’m sure) to their website. So… maybe a quick email to that association to update their site (or to the city to remove the link) is more appropriate than a news article. If this is the biggest story about “government waste” we can find, the city of Bloomington is doing a great job. Carry on, friends.

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  9. Or… no one at the city is checking daily to see if a third party website is being properly maintained. Again… just send the city an email asking them to drop the link. This isn’t news. Or waste. Or corruption. It’s a typical Thursday.


  10. It isn’t their website to maintain, so the city cannot update it. The city has only created a link to an external website. If you think it’s a bad link, email them. If you want the city to create a new site, email them. Google actually pushed this story to my news feed, and sadly I read it. I wish y’all well, but I won’t be back.


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