More on the Public Building Commission

By:  Diane Benjamin

See yesterday’s story:

Frist, there is State Law governing Public Building Commissions – it was enacted in 1955:


PBC 1pbc 2pbc 3pbc 4

  • They are separate from other government agencies
  • They have to keep minutes, receipts and disbursement records
  • They are subject to an annual audit
  • They can sign contracts and borrow money

I have found no evidence the above is open to the public.

It gets better:

At the December 10th, 2019 McLean County Executive Committee meeting they approved an amended “lease” with the Public Building Commission.  See all the documents here:  Executive Committee 12-10-2019


Page 36page 37

This is from the minutes of the same meeting:

dec minutes ec

It’s very comforting to know government planned to take care of themselves in case efforts to curb spending were enacted.

The point of this conversation is:  There is no transparency.

This group of unelected people gets a boatload of tax dollars every year and does not provide taxpayers with any information.

I want the minutes since 2015, records of receipts and expenditures since 2015, and a copy of every annual audit,

Those will likely produce more questions.  I hope none of the commissioners are getting paid, the law linked above says they can’t collect.

Everything may be handled perfectly, but since no one is watching – what are the chances of that happening?



14 thoughts on “More on the Public Building Commission

  1. This sounds like TRYING to find the CEO of a Ukrainian gas company! And NO books or accountability!
    Even ole RIPLEY wouldn’t believe this..

  2. So many questions upon reading this:
    “…the resolution shall be submitted to the voters of such municipality, county seat, or county at an election in accordance with the general election law.”
    Was this voted on?

  3. So many questions upon reading this:
    “…the resolution shall be submitted to the voters of such municipality, county seat, or county at an election in accordance with the general election law.”
    Was this voted on?
    “…may not be expanded until the question of expanding the purpose of the public building commission has been submitted to the electors of the county at a regular election and approved by a majority of the electors voting on the question.”

  4. One thing that is very interesting is the FACT that only a small number of the SAME people have their damn fingers in everything. Self…Serving…individuals. Voters have gotten too lazy. Get out and vote. Get informed. KNOW your community. Start asking questions and demand answers. Enough is enough folks. Stand for something or stand for nothing.

    1. It has been that way for decades in BN/McLean. Most citizens choose to be disengaged by choice so a vast majority don’t recognize the ongoing scam. It is what Alan Keyes referred to as the Elitist Clique. It begins with an influential (usually wealthy) grandparent. Membership is passed down through the generations and close friends and confidants of the power structure. Even if you want to be involved in the community, the Clique decides your involvement. Usually it is relegated to stealing your ideas and giving you worker bee status in the power structure. You never ascend to the decision making level or attain positions you deserve. Those are always reserved for family and close friends. It is why this area will never progress or realize its potential because it means the Clique would have to cede its status, money and power. All hail the Clique.

    2. “Stand for something or stand for nothing.”
      or perhaps
      If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

  5. Voting is no longer enough. Participation in the political system is now a necessity if our experiment in Democracy is to continue to succeed. We must all be civic minded in one way or another. Electronic communication has changed our World. However, the most fulfilling act in politics is to look into someone’s eyes and talk with them.
    Love thy neighbor, even if you don’t like ’em.

      1. Fellow Trouble Maker, What matters is not so much whom you trust, but rather who trusts you.
        Keep up your good work, for Truth is the basis for all that is good.

  6. OR, as the OLD saying goes, keep your friends CLOSE. and your enemies CLOSER!
    YES, it USED to be you could TRUST the old “home boy” network, but now it seems that a lot of “infidels” are getting into the system, and they NEED to be OUSTED! From the top on down.

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