Jason Chambers

By:  Diane Benjamin

Fact:  Jason Chambers was formerly on the Normal Town Council.  When I asked him years ago how the debt would be paid his response was: “It’s all paid for”.

(How is that working out?)

Fact:  Jason Chambers became State’s Attorney after winning the November 2012 election.  He is the one who failed to prosecute Tari Renner for misuse of a credit card thus making it clear no one will be prosecuted locally for the same.  He also was sued federally by an employee in the State’s Attorney’s office:  https://blnnews.com/2019/10/03/federal-lawsuit-names-jason-chambers/

Fact:  In June 2018 Chambers was appointed a Circuit Judge.  He skipped being an Associate Judge.

(How did that happen?)

Chambers will be on both the primary ballot and the November ballot since now he has to run for office.  This is the Republic ballot, he doesn’t have a primary opponent:

:chambers vote

In November he won’t have an opponent either, the Democrats have no one running against him:

demo no vote

Unless the Democrats slot a candidate before November, you are stuck with Judge Chambers.

The most you can do is leave it blank.  That will show somebody needs to run against him next time.


6 thoughts on “Jason Chambers

  1. Conclusion: Jason Chambers is part of the Local DEEP STATE. He directly benefits by “going along to get along” and thereby has been very nicely rewarded. Bottom line, this is very troubling. Justice? Not for the Deep State Swamp Dwellers. Not good. Not good at all.

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  2. Chris Koos on Thursday, Pam Reece on Friday and now it’s Saturday and the topic is Jason Chambers. I’m headed to the pot to vomit. I can’t take any more.


  3. Our county is not well served when politicians are left to run unopposed. This Hobson’s choice ballot would be Dan Brady if David Paul Blumenshine didn’t step forward to challenge him and at the very least force some accountability out of him for our mess in Springfield. Thank you Mr. BShine for stepping up to take on a very powerful establishment politician. But, it doesn’t do any good if we don’t support him, work hard to get him elected and vote for him.

    Readers take note! Get out and vote on March 17 for David Paul Blumenshine for State Rep in the 105th District. You have a choice in that matter.

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    1. And don’t Just vote – tell others who you support and why!
      I know politics is supposed to be a taboo subject, but would you tell a friend if they had a broken window they somehow managed not to notice? Of course you would! Having bad politicians is no different – Both waste money, make people look bad, and lead to others not wanting to live in the area!


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