Update: Call Tari

Renner’s open house will be by phone today:

open house

I can’t imagine what you could ask Tari,  – oh maybe why the BCPA is not transparent?   Wasn’t Renner Mayor Transparency?  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/20/bcpa-resorts-to-deception/

How about telling Tari to scrap the $738,000 STUDY for O’Neil Park!  They can no longer afford it!

5 thoughts on “Update: Call Tari

  1. JB’s shelter in place order again produced a run on the grocery stores and gas stations which brought even more people together at once in confined spaces because he made it sound like he was shutting down the whole state thereby likely infecting or exposing more people to the virus than if he had done or said nothing. Nice job.

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      1. I’m not belittling the situation at all but the people presumably in charge are causing unneeded panic and frankly, misspeaking. Just like a health professional in Peoria just came on TV and said the shelter in place included grocery stores which is not true. The problem is too many people in charge are talking and acting like experts that are not and just repeating talking points. The epidemiologist that talked at Pritzkers presser sounded liked a panicked idiot and came off totally unhinged. As far as a doctor being a victim, why would their life be more important than any other? Again, over 60,000 people die in this country every year from the flu. Numbers for this haven’t gotten close, they might and might not. My whole point these people are just freaking out people by what comes out of their mouths. People with common sense know the seriousness of the situation. Quit with the overreactions. It’s doing no one any good.

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  2. I’d RATHER talk to PEE WEE HERMAN! As he’s well known, WHO the heck is TARI? OH, “toilet boy” I forgot!
    STILL a Dumba** move on HIS part, and he’s the MAYOR??


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