Update with artist fees: BCPA Resorts to Deception

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the BCPA is shut down, staff had time to do event reports.  Well, they sort of did reports.  To disguise how much money they are losing, most of the reports below don’t show any REVENUE.  Of course the Artist Fees aren’t on the reports either.  You are looking at the reason the BCPA isn’t an Enterprise Fund, it would have to pay for itself.  Taxpayers are not allowed to know how much of their money is being thrown away so a few hundred people are entertained.

Has the staff been laid off since they are closed down until August?  

Artist fees will be added when my “assistant” has a chance to match them to the shows, the BCPA appears to be making that more difficult too.  It is likely safe to assume every show below cost you money.

Aquila Theater  in 1984   2/22/20  135 attended   ($3,789.65)



Choir of Man  No revenue 2/26/20 364 attended  ($5,356.01)

Choir of Man


Colin Mochrie’s HYPROV  No Revenue 2/29/20 438 attended  Expenses ($5,487.84)

Colin Mochrie


The Magic of Bill Blagg LIVE!  No Revenue 2/22/20  339 attended  Expenses ($4,301.62)

Artist fee $13,000  https://blnnews.com/2020/02/22/bloomington-2-24-2020/


The Naked Magicians  2/21/20  339 attended  $13,376.72

Naked Magicians


The Science of Magic 2/24/20 634 attended  No Revenue – Expenses ($1,191.37)

Artist fee might be this:

Unknown 2-22


The Tap Pack  2/28/20  302 attended  No revenue  – Expenses ($7,126.61)

Tap Pack


PCard spending for approval Monday:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=24210

See the last line – Chateau $1395.52 for Tap Pack.  See the report above – is shows $1,246.00.  Obviously the event reports are fictionTaxpayers deserve better.

blo 3-23e

4 thoughts on “Update with artist fees: BCPA Resorts to Deception

  1. The BCPA bleeds taxpayer money with little regard for the finances and those that are really paying the bills (i.e. you and me). It’s a members-only club but we’re not invited and need to pay for their amusement. The BCPA doesn’t even manage its own finances. Instead, they simply get the city to cut a check, no questions asked. I’d imagine that they are not given a budget because they’d mismanage or blow through it and be forced to crawl back to the Council begging for more funding, which would expose their con to the taxpayers. In the present environment, the BCPA will likely lose less taxpayer money by shutting the doors. Of course, Tari and his pals can’t let the public figure this out. So, expect radio silence from the BCPA and Downtown cabal.

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