Bloomington: 2/24/2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:


Congrats taxpayers!  No employees are receiving Sick Leave Buy Back payments this time to spike their pensions.  Don’t get excited though, you will be paying again:

See PDF page 89 of the agenda.

Denise Balagna will be receiving an extra $205.78 per month

Joyce McKeon will be receiving an extra $506.54 per month

Carol Hoerr will be receiving an extra $512.58 per month

Scott Sprouls will be receiving an extra $608.32 per month

Their windfall will only cost taxpayers $314,083.  Of course it could be more if the markets crash and the value of the pensions plans take a dive with it.

A Constitutional Amendment to fix pensions should be on the November ballot, politicians are too chicken to fix the elephant in the room.  Instead, the State wants you to pay more taxes to keep the boat floating.  VOTE NO.  The Amendment means higher income taxes and when that doesn’t work, taxing retirement funds.

Bills being paid:

Save these in case the BCPA posts event reports.  So far there are zero from 2020:

bcpa artist feb 4bcpa artist fee feb 2bcpa artist fee feb 3BCPA artist fees febbcpa event food 2bcpa event food

Normal paid the EDC $1600 for each one going to One Voice, so far Bloomington is doing this:

gleason one voiceone voice Mathy

Pantagraph scored:

pantagraph feb 24

pant 2-24pant lib

It always makes me laugh when they throw parties for themselves and charge it to Community Relations.  Does that mean they are laughing at the citizens paying for it?

pizza party comm relat

Remember when Tari Renner had a PCard and constantly fed himself?  Once the Council yanked it most of the free lunches stopped.  He is getting reimbursed for one Monday:

renner lunch 2-24

Speaking of Tari, his renovated home is for sale:

It’s on the market for $10,000 less than he paid for it in 2009.  That is what happens to your biggest investment when you live in a State with no fiscal responsibility and a City taking 10s of millions more out of the economy than a few short years ago.  State Farm didn’t move people out because here is a good place to locate a business.

The property tax and assessment history are included on the link above.  It appears Tari has been busy appealing his property taxes, you should be too:

Renner tax history

5 thoughts on “Bloomington: 2/24/2020

  1. The real test will be to see if and how much he gets when he sells it. I noticed in the zillow ad this is not the first time it has been up for sale and he failed then. The $10,000 lower sale price does not take into account 19% for inflation since 2009. A 310,000 house in 2009 dollars is about $370,000 in 2020 dollars. So the real loss now is $70000 in 2020 dollars or 56000 in 2009 dollars. Regardless we wouldn’t be so lucky he sells and leaves town.

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  2. I hope Tari sinks on the darn boat that HE MADE with his toilet overflowing! He’s the most useless, arrogant, narcissists involved, self involved, smug, don’t give a damn excuse for a mayor that Bloomington has EVER had! And his Koos buddy is on the SAME track. I just HOPE that 2020 gives us ALL a BIG chance to hit the EJECT button!

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