Blatant sexism!

By:  Diane Benjamin

So who at the City of Bloomington did this family know?

Yes folks, another parade for a kid’s birthday.  One difference, this time it was a girl and the only City vehicle she got was an emergency response truck with paramedics.

Obvious sexism since she didn’t get all the same vehicles the 4 year old boy got!  The called in media didn’t get any picture of presents for the birthday girl either.   The boy got some.

The City has no shame.  No abuse of taxpayers is off the table.  Of course, since Bloomington is sitting on massive reserves from over taxation – flittering away money to benefit just a few people isn’t a problem.

I can’t wait to see the City explain why private parades can be funded but the below can’t.  Evidently Jenn Carrillo’s buddies haven’t been told Tari doesn’t get a vote:

ipa money handouts

17 thoughts on “Blatant sexism!

  1. They want to use this Virus BS to pass out money and start their socialist agenda? All of these people are insane and are want-to-be communists.

    Our great President Trump has this under control. We have no need for our local communists to start their redistribution of wealth wet dreams in our town.

    Save me from the people who want to save me from capitalism, common sense and sanity.

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  2. Another thought. In times of National long term fear and stress, a token of wanting the public taxpayers to know that these employees do take pride in what they do and they as much as the receiving family also feel a closer bond with the public. That they also enjoy a smile and wave back to the taxpayer, as a way to demonstrate that.


  3. The family that asked for this are taxpayers. Who exactly put you in charge of what’s allowed and not allowed for taxpayers usage? No one. Perhaps you could ask the Ellsworth Fire Protection District to drive by your house. You seem to be jealous that not everyone is as unhappy as you are. The way you are twisting this community outreach is wrong.

    Sexism? Again you’re taking something positive and turning it into controversy. There was/is no “sexism” involved in this community outreach. The fact that you think so reflects more on your rather bizarre political group think than the actual circumstances of the gesture.


    1. So the family would be happy to pay the $500 or $1,000 ambulance bill? Perhaps next time someone needs an ambulance, it can be requested as a birthday surprise.

      The point is that it is illegal to use resources in a way that uses public funds for private benefit. Not everyone has access to the same thing and as soon as they say “No” to a request, they have just created a situation where people are treated different.

      Why not have “rentals.” You can pay $100 and the ambulance can drive by. If people want to create a fund where people can apply to provide scholarships, then that helps when people say they can’t afford it.

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  4. B Miller…
    1) Her right is called the 1st amendment. The right to free speech. This article only pointed out what was done and informed the public that follows this blog It points out what taxpayer money was used for and Diane’s take.
    2) A public service was also being done to inform people of a violation of the state constitution has occurred by having a private parade.
    3) She is entitled to speak her mind concerning this issue whether you like it or not. You spoke yours.
    4) If you feel it is okay to ignore laws for the morale and good of the community and a majority of taxpayers then you should have no problem with for the good of the bankrupt state of Illinois we scrap the current pension system.

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  5. @Mediaghost is exactly on point! Well said!
    1) it’s not to late to run as an independent. Petitions are due by 6/24 if there are any seats up for the November election, If I lived in Bloomington I would run! Way too much stupid shit happens there and in Normal!
    2) So how many council members were in this meeting and was it posted.? Just because of COVID19 they still do have to follow the Quoram and meeting posting laws ,
    3, so when an ambulance or fire truck doesn’t show up at your house in their average response time and you have a catastrophic event I vote you sue the hell out of the city! I would and will if it happens to me. Maybe some one should FOIA any past or ongoing lawsuits the city has on this subject. I know. My county has one going on right now. That’s called case law history folks. Oh and you could sue the city workers individually who authorized and organized the event as well!


  6. I reached out to the fire station. The paramedic unit was available for calls and was located within it’s response district. I was informed that you may sometimes see a paramedic unit driving around many different neighborhoods in which may not normally see a paramedic unit unless there is a call. They said this is called “district familiarization” and they learn the streets, the addressing system, look at the types of buildings/construction in the neighborhoods, look at fire hydrants, figure out access and egress from neighborhoods, figure out best routes to the neighborhoods and from the neighborhoods to the hospitals, and interact with the public. Not pictured was the fire engine that drove by and waved. Who knows what other vehicles were involved, doesn’t really matter. A phone call can answer many questions. I applaud the fire department as they really do a good job!


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