Proof the CLUELESS exist

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t provide a platform for the totally out of touch with reality to spew their hate, but occasionally they make a great story!

In response to yesterday’s City Council story, a comment was made that I redacted most of.  The name is fake, she used a VPN making it appear she was in Switzerland:

fake comment

Sometimes I feel like playing with people who have nothing better to do than write diatribes, sometimes I just delete them.  I’m not wasting my time fact checking people who comment when truth doesn’t matter.  It’s quite easy to tell people searching for answers from those who believe whatever media tells them.

The same person was back last night with another comment.  Note how “Switzerland” went right over her head.  This is part of the comment:

clueless z

The writer is a former government employee.  Her comment proves government doesn’t think the same way the rest of us do.

Private businesses can not survive being closed for months.  Many can not afford to pay employees when no money is coming in.

Government view:  

It’s in the budget

If it’s in the budget magic money will fund it.

(That comment proves why most of her comments end up in the trash!)

I don’t hate government employees.  I do despise how they are treated differently simply because government can steal more money from everybody else to create employee utopia.

Nobody is sitting around waiting for unemployment checks at the City of Bloomington.  Nobody working for the City of Bloomington is at risk of losing their business they have spent a lifetime building.  Nobody working at the City of Bloomington is wondering how they are going to feed their families.

Paying the mortgage because it’s “in the budget” doesn’t happen without a paycheck.  

Government employees have no idea what those on the outside are facing.

I predict “Jenna” will post another response.  Maybe I will post it, maybe it will end up in the trash.  Depends on how I feel at the time, after all it’s my website.


7 thoughts on “Proof the CLUELESS exist

  1. That comment is ridiculous. I work for a Swiss bank with deep pockets, and my salary and benefits are also covered in their budget. However, they will cut me without hesitation if COVID-19 impacts their bottom line and they need to reduce expenses to remain profitable, pay dividends to the shareholders, etc. You know, real world stuff…

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  2. Why do the universities need money as a suppliment now? Have not their budgets been set for the year or do they need more diversity administrators?

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    1. I think the problem is some of the lavish salaries and benefits people get, plus a lack of reserves or a lack of reserves that they want to tap into to pay employees. Yes, some funds are restricted in what you can use them for. But if you have a $5 million reserve that can be used at the discretion of the President, why not tap into that first before seeking a bailout?

      The problem is you have the promotion of families developing cash reserves. “Have 6 months salary on hand, in cash.” However, people don’t want to do that when they can pay for a shinier cell phone, expensive sneakers, a bigger TV, a grander vacation, and then the government bails them out when they can’t pay their normal bills.

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      1. TJ, 59% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck, not because they don’t have a good income but because they overspend as you stated

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  3. Switzerland refused to play along with the worldwide pandemic hysteria of isolation. They opted for heard immunity and last I checked they’re getting through it.

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    1. I believe herd immunity is the only way to get through this. Sooner than later we all will be exposed.
      By the way JB Pancakes (Pritzker) is an Idiot.

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