Bloomington: 2019 vrs 2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

Total Bills and Payroll approved at the first meeting in May of 2019:

bills 2019

Total Bills and Payroll for approval Monday:

bills 2020

Employees are getting paid as usual, other spending is WAY down.

This wouldn’t exist if the Bloomington Election Commission had been abolished

bec cimp


b&G police

fireworks buy

Either the fireworks show is going to be a lot shorter this year or this is a downpayment.

UPDATE:  City has announced there won’t be any fireworks!  The pools won’t open either.  Employees will still be getting their paychecks however.

HR audit?  Sikich has been the auditor.

hr audit

How bad is Food and Beverage Tax Revenue?

Bloomington collects the tax for both cities and then sends Normal their share.

Paid to Normal at the first meeting in May 2019:

fb 2019

Paid to Normal at Monday’s meeting:

fb 2020

The next payment to Normal in 2019 was 6/24/2019 – $244,886.42


No Sick Leave Buy Back!  (pension spiking)


6 thoughts on “Bloomington: 2019 vrs 2020

  1. WOW – Food and Beverage is almost $75,000 less than this time last year! It will be difficult to “make up” that large of a shortage – especially considering the students all went home and who knows when they are coming back, Hopefully these board members are seeing that this “lock down” approach is unsustainable in our community?

  2. The Bloomington Election Commission needs to merge with the McLean County Election Commission ASAP! Another example of wasteful duplication of services in McLean County. The Bloomington Election Commission creates confusion for those residents who fall under their jurisdiction. For example, the last election had MANY of their voters coming to the Government Center only to be shuffled around in the maze of the Gov’t Center building – “go upstairs to the third floor” and then the voters found out they were unable to vote onsite at the Government Center because they were within the Bloomington Election Commission. Several voters were frustrated that they were being sent to a third location to try to vote. And lastly, the Bloomington Election Commission issued bad checks for the last election that bounced and ran up NSF fees for the tax payers to pay.

    When the issue of eliminating the Bloomington Election Commission was on the ballot – the wording was difficult to interpret – because of the double-negatives, I was unsure if I was voting ‘for’ or ‘against’ eliminating the Bloomington Election Commission. Just another scam! Bottom Line is the Bloomington Election Commission needs to GO AWAY ASAP!

  3. Town of Normal food and beverage tax receipts are down by nearly 35%. Wow! Didn’t the City of Bloomington recently say they thought tax receipts would be off 8.5%? Different municipality I know, but that’s not even close. GhostTown Normal is a one-dimensional economy. Of course, the businesses located in Uptown don’t have to worry about rent since it’s subsidized by the taxpayers already and Koos/Reece won’t give them the boot because they can’t have people seeing empty storefronts, as it would defeat the narrative of government central planning.

  4. Lawyers out there: Can Teri and King Koos keep taxpayers from using taxpayer funded facilities like pools?
    Fairview pool is ready to go. They painted/cleaned and filled the pool. Just think of the tax dollars spent on just doing that!

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