De-incarceration? This is what you get!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Excerpts from the story below:

Illinois State Police say Waynae Massey, 22, of Chicago, crashed his car in Grundy County on May 4th, and then hijacked a vehicle at gunpoint on I-55.

Police located the vehicle on Arsenal Road and attempted to stop it, but Massey fled, crashed near Wilmington, and ran on foot.

Police were able to catch him at the Harborside Marina.

Massey was charged with Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking, Vehicular Hijacking, and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon. He was taken to the Grundy County Jail.

Massey is one of the 4000 inmates released by Pritzker!

It gets better:

mclean county criminal

Now read the story:

Our law enforcement catches and prosecutes the bad guys, democrats release them.

Remember that in November.

Massey wasn’t squeaky clean before going to prison.  Looks like jail taught him nothing.

5 thoughts on “De-incarceration? This is what you get!

    1. However In Texas the people spoke and gasp! the govenor listened. She was released yesterday from jail. This after people complained and the order was changed so the judge was not allowed (nor future judges) to assess jail time. BTW in Texas as it stands, next week this will be moot as they will be allowed to open.

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  1. GOD BLESS TEXAS! As for Illinois, we’re STUCK with a bumbling idiot, who is HELL BENT on destroying the economy, UNLESS you’re a “union democrat”!

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