If this group can meet in person – so can the City Councils

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington is pandering to the far left radicals.  Since regular people with common sense are not speaking up, they think everybody agrees with de-funding the police.  (Figure out why the Police Chief retired?)


While the City Council continues to hide behind computer screens because of illegal edicts from Illinois’ dictator governor, an in-person meeting for the radicals is being held on August 27th at the BCPA.  Masks required.

about this event

Hint:  It won’t be a welcoming event for those who don’t agree.  Tickets have to be requested, I wonder if requests will be screened.

The discussion will be led by Angell Howard from ISU.  She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s in Social Work and serves as the Division of Student Affairs’ professional development coordinator and chair of the Inclusion Change Team.  https://news.illinoisstate.edu/2019/08/howard-honored-with-living-our-values-award/

This discussion will begin with the premise change is needed.  Has anyone presented any proof – other than FEELINGS?  The PSCRB has only heard two cases, no police misconduct found.

The local far left extremists have succeeded in getting the City of Bloomington to address a problem that doesn’t exist.  If Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill or anyone else from the Council attends they are hypocrites for not holding Council meetings in person.


17 thoughts on “If this group can meet in person – so can the City Councils

  1. Trying to find “Systemic Racism” anywhere in Bloomington-Normal (or in the United States) is a very difficult job. The problem is that there is NO “Systemic Racism” in existence. If there is (just like in #Blono) it has yet to be found?

    Angell Howard serves as the Division of Student Affairs’ professional development coordinator and chair of the Inclusion Change Team. Really? Inclusion Change Team? What the hell does this job entail?

    Angell is solving a problem that doesn’t exist and students are paying for it.

    Imaginary jobs to right imaginary wrongs = Gravy Train BS jobs that accomplish NOTHING while adding more and more administrative tuition costs.

    And colleges and universities have tuition costs that have created a total U.S. student loan debt that is $1.6 trillion?

    Now that the video of George Floyd has been released and we can all see for ourselves that their was NO systemic racism in his detainment, what was the real reason the nation has been torn apart by burning, looting and killing?

    Yes, old George couldn’t breath (and said so) well before police put him on the ground.

    Maybe the choice that George made had an impact on his own death? Perhaps ingesting fentanyl and meth had something to do with his heart stopping?

    And then Old George was buried in a golden coffin and treated like the next Martin Luther King?

    Where is Rod Serling when you need him?

    EXCLUSIVE – FULL VIDEO: Leaked police bodycam footage shows George Floyd’s arrest for the first time

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    1. While I agree with most of your post, a few weeks ago I would have agreed with All of it. You’re correct that systemic racism is indeed hard to find, but not because there is None whatsover. Small ‘postage stamp’ suburbs sprouted up around St Louis as whites kept trying to move away from blacks and the blacks followed. Lather rinse repeat. So now there are inherently well-off white suburbs mixed in with inherently less-well-off black suburbs; the tax bases, businesses, and schools tend to reinforce upward or downward feedback loops. Systemic racism.
      Not sure what if anything can be done about it that wouldn’t be punishing the innocent, but yes, there are still some legitimate echoes of past racism. Those who falsely cry racism at every turn understandably make cynics out of good people, but that shouldn’t prevent us from acknowledging Real examples when they do come to light.

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      1. With All Due Respect Karl, how is that an example of racism? Upward mobility is part of moving up the ladder of success. Ask any professional athlete who chose to live in a gated community upon becoming a millionaire. Was he or she racist for leaving the city in which they grew up?

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  2. WGLT has been doing a series called Living Black in Bloomingtom. One thing I have learned from reading these articles is racism is virtually non existent in Bloomington.
    I think people are falsely attributing things to racism. One person said sometimes people stare at them when they are dining out. Maybe they liked their hair, maybe they thought they looked like someone they know. Maybe they stared at everyone.
    A black teacher’s example of racism was a fellow teacher asked her how to pronounce a black students name. Oh the horror. Maybe the teacher asking simply thought she was a really smart person. Maybe the person also asked other white teachers the same question.

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      1. Yes, most claims of racism are bs. I watched a video of a race-baiting professor vaguely recently to see if maybe there was something to it that I had missed. The main thing that stuck with me was her claims that ’employees cannot fully embrace their blackness if they want to fit in at work’ and called that racism. As you say, that’s not racism, that’s life. This was a couple days after I had lunch with a group where I was sort of on the fringe – They were all into a certain sports niche that I knew next to nothing about, so I was largely excluded from the conversation. There was no ‘racism’, or ‘sportsism’, or any other malevolent ‘ism’ at work – that’s just life sometimes. I didn’t take offense, I just joined in where I could, learned a few things, and still had a good time.
        I’m not saying roll over in the face of blatant wrongs because sometimes they Do exist, but life is so much better if you don’t spend it actively Looking for things to be offended about!

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    1. Right, they have to make up stuff and call it “Racism”.

      Here is what is really going on:

      There is a percentage of Americans who are ill-prepared for the 21st Century and a 21st Century economy.

      There are members of every race but MANY in the black community fall into this category.

      The people who are currently and will continue into the next decades to be successful are the people who are fully assimilated into the culture, the technology and the economy.

      The folks that will scream racism or socialism or Antifa or BLM are:

      1. People with useless degrees that have prepared them for a world that no longer exists

      2. People who have (for cultural reasons) rejected education and the dominate demographic society (white people) for their own brand of tribalism.

      3. People who lack both the education or skills to compete in our economy.

      4. People with low IQs which prevents them from being able to successfully function in a high technology society.

      5. People with untreated mental problems

      6. People who are “for whatever reason” lazy or just don’t want to work

      7. People who are drug addicts

      8. People who are convicted felons

      9. Professional athletes, movie stars and media celebrities

      10. College professors and bike shop owners who think they can lead municipalities in the 21st Century with 20th Century Democratic Authoritarian Cronyism and Corruption

      So as the old saying goes, “Those who can’t do… teach”.

      In this situation, “Those who can’t or don’t want to compete deserve ransom money and special privileges”

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    2. Dan, maybe she was making sure she pronounced the student’s name correctly so the student didn’t feel self-conscious having her name mispronounced.


  3. Great point Karlsila. A white teacher asking a black teacher how to spell a name would be considered a microaggression. If you look hard enough to be offended, you will find a time.

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  4. My daughter was called a racist bi*** last week while the individual took a tire iron and smashed all the windows and every door and metal part on her car…10,000 dollars in damages…..
    My daughter is a property manager and the woman’s car towed according to private property rules and regulations.


  5. This is how positively stupid they are. They had to INVENT micro-aggressions because there are few if any actual macro-aggressions, so to speak. They are so desperate to try to find any behavior racist, that they make it up.


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