Green Top – one of these doesn’t fit

By: Diane Benjamin

Green Top Grocery has a program called Positive Change. Customers that bring their own bag get and token with which to “Vote” for a non-profit. There doesn’t appear to be any benefit of winning the “vote”.

Instead of choosing non-profits that aren’t controversial, Green Top must want to alienate at least half of their possible shoppers:

I’m sure I’m not the only shopper who would not go to a store that supports killing babies. Worse, the other two are benign feel good places. Does the thought of Planned Parenthood make you “feel good”? Feel positive?

I’ve only been there once because a friend wanted to meet for lunch. It is not a place I will ever go back to, especially now.

How do the “owners” feel? Get any of your money back yet? Feel the positive change?

Maybe Green Top will announce who got the most votes this quarter so we will know just how left their shoppers are.






15 thoughts on “Green Top – one of these doesn’t fit

  1. I believe that one of J.B.’s “rules” is that you’re NOT supposed to bring re-usable bags into stores? I know that Meijers and Schnucks don’t allow it.
    Course, Green top is ruled by the “beautiful people” who do what THEY please.

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      1. When I pull up to Washington St stop sign, on Davis Ave…Can’t help but notice every window of the Green Top has a sign for Black Lives Matter


    1. I was wondering why they always ask for “volunteers” on Facebook? Why would I “volunteer” to make these “farmers” money? I don’t think so…

      The real farmers are preparing to bring their REAL crops in and don’t have time to pretend they are something they are not.

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  2. Been to Greentop exactly one time. $6 cartons of eggs, $10 gallons of milk, stupid expensive ice cream don’t really appeal to me & my family.

    The whole concept that grocery store has failed. Just has all the other liberal Utopia make believe schemes.

    I remember back in the day when they lobbied hard for me to buy a share or two of their hare- brained proposal. Hindsight proves that I was right, and it was money well not spent.

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  3. I’m surprised the local chapter of BLM isn’t on the list or Koos’ PAC. Let’s face it, Green Top is built for elitist liberals (with your taxpayer dollars). It’s ironic that the con artists behind Green Top marketed the supermarket as a solution to the “food desert,” despite selling eggs for $6 a carton and milk for $10 a gallon. The elitists used poor people to get a members-only market for wealthier people. Where’s the outrage from the Left?

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    1. In the former Soviet Union, the Communist Party elites shopped at stores that were just for them while the proletariat waited in line for almost everything.

      The Green Top is a 21st Century version of a “Communist Party Elite” store.

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    2. It’s how they often do things that they want done. I have never set foot in there even though it WOULD be my closest store. I knew what it was, and what it would be from the get-go.

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  4. You can shop there using LINK and get double the value in product per $.
    I make too much income to receive LINK, but unfortunately not enough to afford to divert any of my grocery dollars to Greentop, Such a shame!
    Was really looking forward to this place opening, but quickly was glad I did not become an OWNER!

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    1. So, LINK users pay $3 for eggs and $5 for milk!?! So, GTG is “milking” the government subsidies intended for the poor!

      GTG is not a charity, it is a not-for-profit

      See what I did there?

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