Chateau Water bill

By: Diane Benjamin

I think I got more questions yesterday about the closed Chateau water usage than about Bloomington supplying water to Rivian. You should be more concerned about Normal actually publishing plans to run THEIR water to Rivian.

If you missed the story:

Under FOIA I can’t ask questions, I can only request documents. I doubt they have any documents about who is using the water. Your Alderman can ask questions – so ask them to find out what’s going on. Maybe somebody left all the faucets running. Maybe the pool is being used, I have no idea. I doubt Bloomington would allow water usage if nobody pays the bills. (of course this is government . . . .)

You could also ask your Alderman who is running the Convention Center attached to the hotel – the citizens of Bloomington own it. I haven’t heard it mentioned for years.

Are any events generating income there or is it closed too?






2 thoughts on “Chateau Water bill

  1. The Chateau is concerning. That is a lot of water for an empty building. If the faucets were left running or lots of leaking pipes, the smell of mold would cloud the air, and water running out of the building would have surely attracted at least a phone call from a neighbor or passerby.


  2. I agree that Rivian is a much bigger story, but I couldn’t help but notice The Chateau on the list, hence my comment on the original story. And my comment abut leaky plumbing as the cause was tongue in cheek. Can’t imagine how they could make anything more than a blip on the city’s usage list. That smell is not mold or mildew, it’s smells fishy…

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