What really happened to the ISU Football Coach

By: Diane Benjamin

See this article from The Blaze: https://www.theblaze.com/news/college-football-coach-blm-sign?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook


Read the rest of the story for more sad details

you probably don’t know.

ISU now has national coverage from multiple news outlets. Every local news service reported he quit. He didn’t.

19 thoughts on “What really happened to the ISU Football Coach

  1. Such a sad story in so many respects. My heart goes out to Beathard and what he has been through. It is beyond disappointing how ISU and their athletics department has taken such a one-sided approach to the BLM movement.

    Once again, the Pantagraph has chosen to take the press clipping from ISU and make it a story rather than reporting the facts and letting the reader form their own opinion.

  2. This is heartbreaking. ISU was fortunate to have such a fabulous coach. Here is a decent man who has done nothing wrong. The BLM movement is utter garbage as far as I’m concerned. I’d be willing to bet there are other schools out there who would be happy to have such a fine man coaching their team.

  3. The demonrat party and marxism destroy everything they touch. Their wannabe elistist chosen power freaks do okay for themselves in the here and now but will progress themselves right into the hellhole they’ve helped to create. There is real meaning to “united we stand, divided we fall” that their blind greed for temporary power and money cannot compute and will lead them to be cast aside as mere deplorables.

  4. Actually, this story has gotten international coverage as Britain’s Daily Mail had a piece about it a few days ago albeit without the information contained in the original Outkick piece. My question is “who gave the order?” to fire Kurt. Was it Dietz, Lyons or Spack or a combination of the three? They will continue to hide behind “it’s a personnel matter” cover although this is a taxpayer funded university. All three are cowards. The Pantagraph, WJBC, WGLT did any of them really know? My bet is all three did. I won’t blame this on the reporters per say because the editors in charge usually have the power to bag a story. If none of them knew and took ISU’s version at face value then shame on them. Whatever, this further illustrates what a gutless and filthy operation ISU is. It neither merits anyone’s support or any of your family members attending. I will boycott anything to do with th se slimeballs the rest of my life and you should as well.

  5. ISU had shown some great leadership these last few years in financial responsibility. That an other areas had me considering steering my boys to ISU in a few years.

    Dietz and his underlings have been an utter disaster with their social justice pandering.

    All I know is that unless there are some massive changes in personnel and policies, neither my kid nor my money will go to ISU.

  6. Such a sad situation…I think ISU has lost a good Coach and lot of folks both as fans and donors…Coach Beathard was correct and Lyons had it right the first time All Lives Matter, why would we want to support anyplace that does not recognize ALL Lives Matter…

  7. Diversity is welcome on the college campus, unless its diversity of thought. ISU, like many other colleges, is under mob rule. When 99% of people “agree” on something (usually by threat or intimidation) you have North Korea. Make sure you clap louder than the person next to you. Notice the Coexist crowd doesn’t even want to have a conversation or even respect the opinion of others in the form of a simple sign. Great skills to be teaching our future leaders.

  8. ISU isn’t a religious institution and as a professional member at that secular university Beathart needed to check his religious feelings at the door.. He had control and power over young, mostly African-American, athletes, Beathart signaled that their *legitimate* struggles do not matter. Let’s just recognize honestly, that “All Lives Matter” is just a tone deaf bleat from those of privilege who cannot see, nor care about, the problems of others. Beathart has only himself to blame over his dismissal from ISU.

      1. If it is a public institutution funded by taxpayer dollars, then religious ideals need to be checked at the door when someone is in a position of power over others. Religion is welcome at public institutions, but it cannot become the basis for determining forms of action by those in positions of authority. Seriously folks, how would you like it if someone used the teachings of the Satanic Church to determine how ISU operated? Make them check it at the door so it does not affect how a public institution, funded by taxpayer dollars, operates.

      2. Even if you tried, you couldn’t give a good working definition of Marxism. Stop bloviating about something you know nothing about which includes Marxism .The other fact is you are white woman and everyone here opining are also white. This country works with the absolute separation of church and state. This includes state run universities like ISU. It’s particularly sad that someone like Beathard has so little regard for the African American players and their concerns about the daily racism they experience. It’s apparent here that religion and the Bible are being used to justify racism. That includes you.

    1. First, you show your ignorance on the separation of church and state like all liberals. You and I both know if Beathard had posted a sign supporting Muslims, Hindus or Black Liberation Theology ISU would not have had a problem with it at all. As far as having any “privilege” I know my family worked very hard for what we obtained as well as many of others. My dad’s “privilege” was getting his home taken away as well as his ten siblings during the Depression you ignorant fool. I worked among the “poor black athletes” alot. Most didn’t give a wit about obtaining their degree or going to class even if it wasn’t for free. They also got “laundry money” along with their full scholarship and managed to drink and party most of it away every mouth. Until you can come back with some facts, do us all a favor and shut your ignorant mouth and quit showing the world how stupid you really are.

      1. Well nothing like name calling. Ignorant, fool, stupid? Who cares if your family worked hard. Apparently that means African Americans don’t work hard according to you. You’re a racist and your comments cement that fact.

        1. Everybody is a racist! Obama and ISU confirm that. Pay attention. More than 60 million Trump voters must all racists. Oh, why do so many blacks not get held back? How did Oprah rise from poverty? How was Obama elected twice? I could name many, but you won’t care about facts.

    2. Interesting, Did you know the football team has a pastor that “talks” to them prior to each game and is even “around” during practice. I guess, you only “check” your religion at the door if it doesn’t agree with the current political indoctrination.

  9. C TIMBER: there is no such thing as “separation of church and state.” The First Amendment of the US Constitution states; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…” The coach has been unjustly fired because he practiced his inalienable right to free speech and is being discriminated against due to his religious beliefs. A taxpayer-funded institution should be required to uphold the US Constitution.

  10. C.TIMBERG: Way to refute my post. You did show your ignorance by your church and state comment. Plenty of black people work hard. It’s only people like you that pull the race card 24/7 when you can’t intelligently state or argue a point. See you at the next riot, right? I’m a racist, you’rr a racist, wouldn’t you like to be a racist too?

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