They’re back!

By: Diane Benjamin

Bullies never go away unless they get squashed!

The best defense against a bully is to take them on. Bullies are actually chickens with self esteem problems. Tonight they will be showing up at the Bloomington City Council meeting.

First they have hold a little rally outside City Hall:

Guess they don’t know nobody will be there. Maybe the media has nothing else better to do so they will show up.

After this they will bully the Council during Public Comment. Who uses a script? Obviously they don’t hold heart-felt convictions or they wouldn’t need one.

From the Facebook page:

Please note this is not a rally or a vigil, be prepared to wait in line to make a public comment. If you do not have a public comment prepared a script will be provided for you stating support of a Welcoming Cities Ordinance.

Come join us as we continue our fight to pass a Welcoming Cities Ordinance in Bloomington IL.

Supporters will make public comments urging council members to vote on this very pressing issue.

Remember when the Council rejected passing a Welcoming Ordinance since Illinois law already protects illegals?

Get ready:

Maybe next April citizens will actually take voting seriously. (If they have anybody worth voting for)






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