UPDATE: ISU’s spy software

Update: The software was hacked


Proving this software was a really bad idea, it was shut down because the parent company was got hacked. The hacker sent offensive emails to users, Illinois State University is mentioned in the story as using the software.


The Proctortrack website has no information, it does guarantee privacy and security however. Evidently that isn’t true:


In-person exams are not dangerous. If instructors don’t want to see students I’m sure they can find someone willing to proctor for them. Does anyone at ISU ever look at the COVID recovery rate? Is ISU staff planning to hide in their basements forever? The source code for this software was released on line according to the first story. It won’t be easy to fix or make parents paying the tuition bills feel secure in allowing their children to put this invasive software on their devices.

By: Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA…

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: ISU’s spy software

  1. “feel secure in allowing their children to put this invasive software on their devices.” 90% of today’s parents have no idea what’s on their children’s software devices. Today’s youth just puts stuff on there, not mentioning a word to their parents.

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  2. The THINGS just OUR government is/are capable of! Not to mention most ANY other “hostile” government.. Let alone hackers!
    Think Drone attack..
    Launch protocol initiated?


  3. Graduating high school I looked forward to being FREE and getting out of sight of my parents watchful eye. Going off to college was the best way to achieve that with assistance from them to live. No reason to go to school if the college is going to watch my every move, not to mention the fact that the educational experience has gone to hell.

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  4. Colleges are not selling an education but rather an experience. They’ve resisted online courses because they know the marketplace will demand much lower prices. Just look at the number of colleges getting sued by students for paying full freight while receiving a Zoom-based class. ISU and most other colleges don’t want to evolve because they know it will mean a decline in tuition revenue and revenue from on-campus services (room/board, meal plans, etc.)

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  5. I guess that a “college experience” is REALLY overrated, especially IF you were a a “Townie” and lived at home to save money and yet still learn. I kinda miss those days when we’d go out LATE and go to the Gallery or the Cellar or Rockys Hell, even Garcias!!. What ever happened to those places? Can you answer me that mr koos, as you seem to have basically DESTROYED Normal in a single generation. Thank you liberal bastard!
    And tell me HOW much again this “upgrade” in quality of life cost us?

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