Rob Fazzini: Finally sell your house?

By: Diane Benjamin

Rob Fazzini has been trying to sell his house at 5 Canterbury Court in Bloomington for a long time,

Rob is also running for County Auditor as a democrat.

According to Zillow, the house was listed in April of 2017 for $309,000:

The pics on-line show the house empty. The listing now shows a pending sale for a whole lot less:


Either Rob tried for years to sell it for too much or property values crashed. I think the first is closer to the truth.

10 thoughts on “Rob Fazzini: Finally sell your house?

  1. Maybe Mr Fazzini realized that with these sky-high property taxes in McLean County there is no appreciation on real estate…
    We are all paying for the wasteful spending by the Bloomington and Normal mayors/council members – and we are paying in many ways!

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  2. Why is someone selling his house any of your business? You seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrow for “news”. Candidates who are running for office are allowed to sell their houses. This is hardly earth shattering news.


  3. Somebody is selling their house for a lower price than they originally wanted? STOP THE PRESSES, WE NEED TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS

    “News Nobody Reports” has never been a better tagline


  4. Fazzini has always been a pie-in-the-sky kinda guy. His business dealings have consistently under/unperformed unless of course the taxpayers can be called upon to assist.

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  5. Fazzini is running for public office “Auditor “all his business dealings should be open to the public. Secrecy is a big reason why Illinois, Bloomington, and normal are in such financial straits. Thank you Diane for having the courage to report what needs to be reported.

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  6. Rob is part of the local swamp establishment – that’s his # 1 drawback . Never understood why so many of them mock and eye roll him behind his back , but then again they do that to each other often. What I find most distasteful is Rob has had his turn at the slop trough and at 80 years old why is coming back for more ? His opponent Anderson is so awful I’ve no choice bur to vote for the Libertarian.

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