Remember 305 S Linden?

By: Diane Benjamin

This is the building Normal moved staff out of and to the 2nd floor of 1 Uptown Circle. Normal now pays a ridiculous amount for rent there. They still own half of the building, two doctors own the rest of it.

This is also the building Chris Koos tried to rent for $100 a month:

h/t a reader

Now the Town wants to sell their half:

The Good News is Uptown 2.0 must be dead!

Or maybe the Town of Normal “professional staff” is planning to buy the building back at some future date when they need it.

The other Good News:

If Uptown 2.0 is dead the underpass isn’t needed.

Normal is taking bids themselves on this property. Since they aren’t using a realtor, Normal is limiting the buyer pool. Unless somebody looking for property in this area happens to read the Town website they won’t know it’s for sale. (on purpose?) If you are in the area see if there is a sign by the building, there wasn’t one before Normal sold the Fort Jesse property to the wife of an employee.

Since Normal isn’t using a realtor they have no idea what their half of the building should sell for. Bids will be taken that could be far below what the building is worth. Congrats taxpayers, who is looking out for you?

I wonder what local realtors are thinking! Is Normal trying to tell you not to use one? Does the Town think they are better marketers than realtors are?

Obviously the Town has no interest in moving the staff back to this building and subletting the 2nd floor of 1 Uptown Circle. It’s only $36,000+ a month taxpayers will never see again.

The website says the Council will have to approve the sale. That should be an interesting conversation.

8 thoughts on “Remember 305 S Linden?

  1. Uptown 2.0 is far from dead. If past history is any indicator, they’re in the process of selling this to a friend at a reduced rate, then when Uptown 2.0 is ready to move forward they’ll buy it back at an inflated rate so that the friend makes a big profit.

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  2. The bid announcement says “ The Town of Normal reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received and to waive any formalities in the bidding procedures. ” The only accepted proposal will be the one turned in by a Koos friend even if it is the lowest price. The sale and price has already been decided. This is another corrupt Koos deal just like the Vernon street property to pay off a town staffer.

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