UPDATE: Heard about the guy charged with 32 molestation charges?

Update, see who else was present in the video


h/t a reader

Also in the video:

Jenn Carrillo

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

See one story here: https://hoiabc.com/2020/09/29/grand-jury-indicts-bloomington-man-on-32-child-molestation-charges/?fbclid=IwAR1pafw6ONtSyM0S3A9AEaCVwjNHIz-WtDTzbzwTdWicjYkXtj27D4Oo7SU#.X3R6sTYfjAY.facebook

The guys name is Mercedez Byrd, he also had cocaine in his pocket when he was arrested.

His Facebook page has numerous videos, in one he is asking for names of people who need bailed out so they are home for Juneteenth.

This video is also from his page, no sound required to see what’s in the background, you have to hit play though:

Mercedez Byrd has some Facebook friends you know: Tari Renner, Jenn Carrillo, Jeff Crabill, Kelby Cumpston (Ward 7 candidate) and activist Sonny Garcia. I think Kelby is in the video, but Byrd pans pretty fast. I don’t see any comments on their Facebook pages about Byrd’s arrest. Black Lives Matter Blono hasn’t commented either.

Still want NO CASH Bail guys?

Going to bail him out?


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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Heard about the guy charged with 32 molestation charges?

  1. No local media story here. Imagine if it were Stan instead of Tari or Jenn…probably front-page at the Slantagraph or an in-depth story on WGLT.

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