Is Koos capable of being mayor?

By: Diane Benjamin

Yes, people screw up sentences and words all the time. They normally don’t post videos of themselves doing it on their Facebook page.

Chris Koos did. The video below is closed captioned. If you want to hear sound go to his Mayor Facebook page. He confuses his mask with his glasses. Remember, he wants you to vote for him as mayor for 4 more years.

5 thoughts on “Is Koos capable of being mayor?

  1. He’s trying too hard to be relevant and it shows. His only chance is to appeal to the townies. I don’t think he realizes just how many people that supported him in the past or shock his hand (back when you could) at Chamber events have had it with him and can’t wait to vote him out.

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  2. AS a TOWNIE I resent that, as I NEVER liked the SOB as he’s a leftist Ideological IDIOT!
    As as for his Bike and shoe shop. I tell people WHO he really IS and they don’t go there anymore. NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH A LEFTIST RADICAL! Maybe he’ll have to go to a sheriffs sale, which would suit me just FINE!


  3. As a townie, what Koos has done to Normal is horrible.

    We used to have a historic and charming downtown, Now the historic buildings have been demolished for the oversized government buildings.

    We used to have zero debt, now we have $218M.

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  4. Is the brought to us by our new communications specialist Cathy Olefson? Can we look forward to more of these public service announcements from our mayor in the future? What else is Cathy doing? Running the Koos reelection campaign on the taxpayer dime? Does she work remote or have an office in Uptown?


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