Don’t dial 911 BLM

By: Diane Benjamin

Two days ago the City of Bloomington sent an email to select people and groups:

Evidently this email was not sent Blind Carbon Copy because the Local Black Lives Matter Council responded to ALL. I will be more respectful of email addresses, the ones not redacted are public information:

Those with a few brain cells know having people who understand the conflict between the police and BLM on the force could build bridges.

Not Black Lives Matter, they are offended at the very thought of civility.

They aren’t above wanting money stolen from the people who actually worked for it handed over to them however.


Maybe if BLM asks nice the police will ignore calls from your specific houses. Submit a list and give it a shot. Most people know, especially in poor communities, the police are the wall that protects them from criminals.

Maybe that’s what BLM doesn’t like.





6 thoughts on “Don’t dial 911 BLM

  1. Such a nicely written complaint. Grammar and punctuation missing, along with the brain of the person who wrote it.

  2. Wow, just wow. Arrogance and ignorance are not good qualities to put on display – oh, I forgot, being arrogant and ignorant are cool now, never mind.

    1. Yeah it’s Black Lives Matter Bloomington INDIANA.

      No clue how they got the wrong email……

      No one calls Bloomington “B-town” here.
      No one.

      It also clearly says “IN” in the “from” part of thier email.
      Finally, locally it’s “BLM Bloomington-Normal”

  3. The best, most peaceful, most agreeable, least deadly solution to the unsolvable division in the country would be to extend the mason -dixon line from Maryland thru Springfield illinois and become two countries. We could be allies like France and Britain perhaps, although being an ally with a country like communist China may not last forever for those of us south of the Mason Dixon..

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