Fly on the Wall: Bloomington Mayor?

I know all – I see all

Seen collecting signatures: Mboka Mwilambwe

10 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Bloomington Mayor?

  1. Mboka is by far the best candidate running – and certainly the most fiscally responsible and emotionally stable . You won’t be getting 2am rants worthy of censure from him that’s for sure.


    1. No no no FedUp , you are mistaken ! You are talking about Mike Straza , Renner pawn and Koos 2040 Vision Plan member ! Mboka is ONLY one that can stand up to the squad AND has no ties to the downtown leaches !


  2. Another go along to get along candidate. Does anyone picture him standing up to “the (wannabe) Squad” on the City Council? Moving the agenda and conversation toward fiscal reasonability? Cutting waste? Saying “no” to the trough feeders and Downtown mafia?


  3. Need a candidate like Stan Nord or M.T. that has a mind of his own and is not afraid to speak his mind for the taxpayers. Over the last couple of years, Mboka went all in with the local SJW’s worrying about establishing new minority holidays, BLM intimidation and the like. He would not be a leader as mayor. Don’t forget this guy works at ISU so he has been bathed in academic thought and like Renner, brings that to the table as mayor. Still waiting for a candidate most would be willing to vote for. Is the Joe Biden of Bloomington Jim Fruin running too?

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  4. Hailing from the Congo, Mboka became a citizen in 2008. Ya all should do your own research on this guy before you endorse him. I’ve done it. No way is Mboka got the background to be a shining star for the good people of Bloomington. Whatever happened to John Hanson? Not that I’m a big fan but better than the rest currently being mentioned. Or maybe even Carl Woodward, maybe. Carl has definitely shown some promise over the years. What’s Rusk doing these days since Tipsord took over?


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