Normal: No appraisal

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the property at 1404 Ft Jesse the Town of Normal sold to the wife of an employee? Remember a sign putting it up for sale wasn’t even put on the property? Remember a real estate agent wasn’t used to sell the property?

One would think the Town would of at least had an appraisal done so a selling price could be set that rightly compensates the taxpayers who actually bought it!

You would be wrong. I FOIA’d the appraisal. This is what I received:

Add this to the LONG list of insider deals only available to Town friends and family.

7 thoughts on “Normal: No appraisal

  1. It has always been my impression that selling public property without an appraisal or doing an auction would be illegal. At least that was what our attorney told me when my business bought two adjacent properties from our town years ago.

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  2. How do we vote people out in the most corrupt state of ILLannoy? Election fraud has been going on here for decades. No doubt in my mind that’s how Koos won the last two elections.


  3. Business as usual for this Mayor and his Council – No accountability.

    Another example of choices the Mayor and his Council make to prove that they are not good stewards of our money

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  4. Perfect site for the next pretentious brick-and-mortar retailer to feed the egos of the local elitist clique. Loose leaf tea shop? Gourmet cupcake shop? Yoga studio? Art gallery? What’s your guess?

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