Unit 5 sucks you dry

By: Diane Benjamin

Proving yet again government doesn’t care how high property taxes go, Unit 5 will tax next year far above the inflation rate.

According to the Board website, the owner of a $175,000 house will be paying $160 more. https://meetings.boardbook.org/Public/Agenda/1482?meeting=431457

Wasn’t it just a year or two ago taxes were raised $400 on the same value house?

Meanwhile, how is you kids education going this year? Are they losing out on an entire year or even digressing because of on-line learning?

3 seats are up for election in April. If you like your taxes being raised don’t run. The current board is more than happy to fleece you.

If you aren’t planning to move, step up. If elected don’t turn into a bobble-head. The board has plenty of those.

9 thoughts on “Unit 5 sucks you dry

  1. How many times will the school board fall for TIFs, tax rebate, and other borrowing schemes peddled by Koos and his cronies? Maybe if they pushed back, they wouldn’t “need” to ask for more or as much money. By the way, what percentage of this money will actually impact the students, even if schooling were in-person. Hint: pennies on the dollar. It largely goes to salaries, benefits, and (largely mandated) administrative bloat.

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  2. TIF’s aren’t even legal for school districts because with TIF you’re supposed to match private money with public money. Schools would match public with public and what tax money is the town benefiting from? I questioned Emig’s predecessor on this and she had no answer. I asked her if this was even legal and was told it’s worked in other areas, then she hung up on me. She is a lawyer. Both these towns are SO hosed politically. But as has been said before nobody votes.

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  3. Time to start protesting in the streets. TLM taxpayers lives matter. Until we start acting like BLM and other groups nothing will change. The only real changes in the last few years unfortunately have been due to civil disobedience.

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  4. All the unit 5 school board members are idiots. Especially the ones who think they are there to make a difference for the good of the community. Big doofuses!

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  5. THis school board DROPS the quality and INCREASES the cost CONSTANTLY, so MAYBE THEY ought to be the ones attending ECONOMICS SCHOOL!
    HOW MUCH does the SUPR’T make anyway. PROBABLY more then 95% on the residents. Which is WRONG for an idiot!


  6. If you don’t like Unit5 policies, there’s still time to
    * Support * Good * Candidates *
    * Recruit * Good * Candidates *
    * Become * Good * Candidates*

    Likewise other boards like Normal Library, Heartland College, and I’m sure there are others.
    We need good people who will get involved, not just sit at a keyboard and complain! The only candidate that immediately comes to mind sounds like ‘more of the same’ – If that’s not what You want, it’s time to Do something!

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