Renner: Rules for thee but not for ME

By: Diane Benjamin

Last Monday Tari Renner was obviously sick on the Zoom Council meeting. Tuesday he announced he tested positive for Covid. He really didn’t like comments about what he said himself – he had symptoms for 13 days during which time he was spotted out and about.

TODAY Tari was exercising at the Workout Place. Don’t try to figure out who sent it to me Tari, it’s been re-recorded several times. The quality isn’t great but the tipster didn’t want to be seen filming. My source is willing to sign an affidavit verifying it’s him if Tari tries to claim this isn’t.

From the website:

Try to keep your business open, Tari will fine you. But Tari can declare himself not contagious and leave quarantine a week early. The rest of us are suppose to comply with Pritzker edicts and CDC recommendations. Tari refuses so we do too!

I nominate Tari for hypocrite of the year.

2 strikes Tari – don’t forget DANCING without a mask:

14 thoughts on “Renner: Rules for thee but not for ME

  1. Wasn’t it LAST TUESDAY, December 8, that I read in the Pantagraph that Tari had JUST tested positive that day or the day before? So that’s, what — SIX DAYS AGO? The Mayor of Bloomington is out and about purposefully INFECTING people with this DEADLY disease. He should be arrested.

  2. Renner reminds me of that Patrick Swayze movie “Roadhouse.” You guess it, the Brad Wesley character of which the town put up with him but was a complete jerk that no one liked.

    1. Not only that, he should be investigated by either state or federal prosecutors for his communications with the Pritzker regime in this whole COVID scam.

  3. Clearly, video of someone who is not running for re-election. Tare has already checked out. Wonder if IWU and he will part ways.

  4. Having fun watching Commie Carrillo and Tari email back and forth secretly during the meeting tonight. It’s as plain as day.

  5. Tari has also been frequenting local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Tari has been trying to stay on the wagon for years. When he went off on Diane years ago, it was alcohol induced rage.

    Tari needs to be held accountable.

  6. And NOW listen to him citing the bogus 3,000-deaths-a-day democrat line!! What a disingenuous idiot.

  7. Jamie Mathy: “Go back to trusting the doctors.” Yes, MY doctor told me to avoid the vaccine at all costs, and also that masks do absolutely nothing.

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