Tari is obviously a democrat

By: Diane Benjamin

When Republicans are caught doing stupid things they mostly resign and slink away never to be heard from again.

When Democrats are caught they blame the messenger.


Case in point is Democrat Mayor Tari Renner. He blames me for reporting but refuses to comment on what was said:


I wasn’t listening to the Zoom meeting on 12/9. I was contacted by someone who was, no searching for “Gotcha” moments. That person doesn’t matter Tari? Their opinion doesn’t mater Tari? Their outrage at what was heard doesn’t matter Tari? Does it make you feel taller to deflect blame to me?

Maybe this will force staff to go back to meeting in person where they are more careful about what they say!


I don’t know where your 150 shares on social media came from, on my site I show 778 Facebook shares. Although a few have attempted to defend Galye Price’s comment, most are outraged at what she said and the reaction from others on the video.

The Pantagraph should have asked City Manager Tim Gleason for a comment. Price works for him, not Tari.

6 thoughts on “Tari is obviously a democrat

  1. As far as I’m concerned, that’s worse than what she said. Price made a remarkably callous comment as an aside on a stream meeting, where she disregarded lives and property. And while that’s a window into the actual views of the people who run our local government, Renner’s comment expressed intentionally, deliberately stated disregard for those who dare to criticize his allies.

    Where Price’s comment was ugly, Renner’s was a slap in the face, a demand that the peasants bow down and acknowledge their lack of influence. This should be spread around to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. Most of the counsel thought righteous enough to scream in the streets all summer in the name of social justice so why is this comment made by town employees ok? Obviously they’re not really interested in helping or providing a voice to more vulnerable members of the community.

  3. Am I the only person that wonders why these idiots don’t know what a mute is? Do they not know how to mute themselves so other people don’t have to hear them talking, having conversations with irrelevant people, or coughing etc?

    And, my apologies for getting a bit nasty, but Tari is an asshole. That comment is completely uncalled for and I don’t really care how upset it makes him, he NEEDS to pay more attention to people’s issues with him. And all of this after he got caught being a super spreader. What the hell happened to “you’re gonna kill grandma?” What a tool…….

    1. An asshole serves a useful purpose, what little man has done is not useful and has been the destruction of the city’s affordability and desireability as a place to live.

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