Bloomington: Population vrs Employees

By: Dian e Benjamin

Tari Renner has repeatedly said Bloomington cut staff. He doesn’t mention in 2013 they changed how employees are counted. See the footnote at the bottom of the employees list. What we do know is the budget vastly expanded since 2013 and the number of employees has crept up while the population quit growing.

Population in 2020 is estimated to be the same as 2019.

PDF page 196:

6 thoughts on “Bloomington: Population vrs Employees

  1. This is by design.
    Not to impune the vast majority of well-meaning, capable, essential people who are employed by the City of Bloomington.
    But it’s a well-known, insidious communist/socialist strategy to grow the number of people who are dependent on a government paycheck (particularly in a city), ensuring (1) their votes (so their jobs never go away), and (b) to weaponize them into doing the bidding of local leaders.
    Yes, I do mean “weaponize.”
    For example: why do you think that Gleason appointed a “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” at the end of October 2020? Spending this money in the middle of a pandemic. Make any sense?
    What does this person do? How much is he paid? What is his purpose?
    Let me draw a picture for you. HE IS A WEAPON. There is no need for such a position given myriad equal protection statutes at every level of government.
    He’s there to bully the residents of the City of Bloomington into hiring and policy decisions favorable to the leadership’s communist/socialist agenda. Hear the word “racism” used as a weapon this year?
    This community had better wake up.

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    1. One of the reasons I love coming here is there are so many here who actually “get it” and understand what has been going on for so long and also know it’s going to rev up real soon unless it can be held back or stopped somehow through a clean up and re-tool. The really sad thing is, some of the stuff COULD be good, but it too often only masquerades as good and has along with it a more sinister agenda. If you have to ask “What sinister agenda?” you are either part of it and are playing dumb or are an easily duped pawn of it.

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  2. One more thing.
    While the meeting agenda is not yet available, word has it that the communists on the Bloomington City Council will present their “Human Trafficking Enablement” ordinance (did I say that? I meant “Welcoming City” ordinance, my bad) next week.
    Look for the clown Michael Hurt, the newly-hired and completely unnecessary “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” for the City of Bloomington, to attend to scream racism in members’ faces who do not vote in favor of it.
    That’s precisely what he was hired for.

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  3. Bloomington will be lucky if they maintained the same population in 2020. The new year, 2021, will likely see a larger drop. Bigger and costlier government and worsening public services for a declining population. What a combo! Bloomington is likey going to build a bunch of government buildings, while the local economy continues its steady decline. No, no…State Farm will always be here; they told us so.

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