Police Reform?

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve spent a little time jumping around the new 764 page bill reforming the police nobody who voted on it had time to read. Debate was also cut off. The elected democrat representatives played bobblehead for leadership voted as they were told. Sound familiar?

You can see the entire bill here: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/10100HB3653sam002.pdf

I found the below on PDF page 94. It appears people who accuse a police officer of misconduct no longer have to sign a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury. That eliminates the possibility of prosecution for lying to investigators. Note the crossed out section at the bottom:

The following page has this statement:

My take on this is complaints against the police are going to skyrocket because the person making the complaint faces no consequences for lying and they don’t have to use their real name.

Please prove me wrong, but it looks like open season on police officers.

8 thoughts on “Police Reform?

  1. I know. I will contact Dan Brady to express my outrage as a tax-paying citizen of his district and Illinois hopefully scaring him to take action. If that doesn’t work, I will start a letter-writing campaign to Kwame Raoul illustrating to him how vast citizen discontent is. That will surely bring action. If that fails, I will join the McLean County Republican Party further strengthening my voice. If all fails, we will march on Springfield en masse to voice our displeasure where we will be arrested for an “insurrection” by the same police we are supporting. When our employers find out we took part, we will all be fired. We have rights you know and so do the police. (I.e. this crap was planned long ago. It is better in the minds of Pritzker and the Chicago mob than causing a ruckus to defund the police). Get it through your heads they can now do anything they want). Arm yourselves so you will be ready when they come to your door.

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  2. I would like to know what the foundation of this “need” for change is. Is our police force in Illinois SO out of control that we have to give the citizens they are sworn to protect more avenues to attack them?
    If that’s the case, show me.

    There ARE unhinged police. There are unhinged people all over the place. Just look at Congress.
    Will this new law solve the problem of a few unhinged police? I don’t think so. The police administration knows who should not be on the force. Where is the disconnect between getting rid of the unhinged and the administration? Is it the unions? Is it something else? Show me.

    We need to make laws based on real facts and honest discussion not hair on fire, just do anything politically correct responses.
    Trying to solve problems by attacking the symptoms rather than the root cause only prolongs the suffering and makes the problem harder to solve.
    Illinois has a long history of this kind of thinking.

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  3. As I have said before. Tennessee has police jobs available. As for this police reform bill in Illinois, can you all say New York? NYPD shows up to clean up the dead bodies after the bad guys are gone. This will be the new norm in Illinois.

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  4. Another example of rather than addressing specific issues within specific departments with specific bad police officers, politicians think its best to create a law that supposedly will help with police accountability throughout the entire state. The amendments to this bill were submitted at 4:01am and literally less than hour later, it was called for a vote. 700+ pages with significant amendments each time, and our elected leaders took less than hour to review, discuss, and ensure there was transparency on issues that had serious consequences — of which, you represent above. Is this really how business impacting an entire state of citizens is conducted? If government was a business and you were a stockholder in said business, is this the way you would want critical decisions being made? Absolutely not. I honestly didn’t think Illinois government could be this absurd, but time after time, I’m proven wrong by actions taking place in Springfield. And to top that, there was a representative (Stava-Murray) who actually introduced a bill to remove School Resource Officers from the schools, only to later remove it because this bill on police accountability passed. She had over 1000+ e-mails/comments to her social media Facebook page only to respond with “Thin blue line folks: your continued harassment does not help your cause.”

    Another example of people trusting in government for an answer when government is the problem.

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