Bloomington: A bunch of white supremacists

By: Diane Benjamin

Public comment was only people demanding illegal aliens get the full rights of citizens. At least one comment threatened the Council if they don’t pass a Welcoming Ordinance. Congrats residents! You are labeled racist, a xenophobe, and a white supremist if you don’t agree. One speaker claimed Illinois enacted Home Rule so cities could make their own laws, she left out Home Rule also allows tax, tax, tax without regulation to protect citizens. It is always amazing to see so many local “leaders” advocate for making laws immaterial. They all want City employees banned from contacting ICE for any reason.

All the speakers were the same ones we’ve heard over and over. Ward 3 candidate Willie Holton Halbert also urged passage again.

Tari Renner gave of State of the City address. I didn’t listen to it, you can hear it yourself if interested. Sorry Tari, Normal met for 3 hours. (enough bloviating!)

The Council heard a riveting Solid Waste presentation. Your cost goes up 3% every year without a Council vote. The fund still isn’t balanced. Public Works is looking at ways to fix the fund. Recycle materials is a problem because nobody is buying them, the City has to pay to get rid of it. Past history shows these presentations come just before a tax or fee increase is presented at a subsequent meeting. Grab your wallet or expect fewer services in the future. Keep in mind it wasn’t that many years ago when taxes you already paid covered solid waste. Today it would be unconscionable to think the General Fund could cover any shortfall.

Welcoming City Ordinance:

Tari Renner made the mistake of letting some Council member bloviate instead of merely voting yes or no to move it forward. Not everyone was allowed to speak in depth.

Jamie Mathy supports something, but not what Jenn Carrillo presented. Voted Yes

Donna Boelen thinks the Welcoming America plan would provide the protections necessary. Voted No.

Mboka Mwilambwe voted to not move it forward.

Julie Emig is all in.

Joni Painter voted no, she thinks police have been unfairly accused and the illegal community has been lied to.

Jenn Carrillo yes.

Mollie Ward voted yes – she is on the Primary ballot for Ward 7

Jeff Crabill is of course yes.

Kim Bray voted no.

5-4. Staff and legal now get to waste time crafting something instead of working for the benefit of citizens.

9 thoughts on “Bloomington: A bunch of white supremacists

  1. All at the cost of the taxpayers. Reap what ya sow, these people are elected. Have fun paying for and maintaining illegals who feel they are owed something all while police are treated like red-headed step children, hope ya’ll know how to protect yourselves.

  2. Fear to the left and fear to the right.
    The left says that law breakers are afraid of getting caught and if we don’t fix it there will be more to fear.
    The right is afraid of being called racist or uncaring, regardless of their true feelings. Fearful of being instantly labeled, so they keep quiet.
    In the middle of all of it are people who are skilled at manufacturing fear and they thrive on it.
    They use it to gather power. They are gathering power, you can see the excitement on their faces.
    This is only the beginning of it.

  3. Best of luck to the next mayor. Who is going to rein in these ideological nutjobs on the City Council? Now that Jenn and Crabs got their signature agenda item passed, what’s next? You know they won’t stop here.

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