Weekend Scam, hoaxes, and giggles

4 thoughts on “Weekend Scam, hoaxes, and giggles

  1. Question: Where exactly has anyone banned guns or “done” away with God and churches? Before Biden was sworn in he went to church. He is in fact the second practicing Catholic president. Also where has anyone in the Biden administration burned flags or books? Seems like mostly hysterical projection…..


    1. Mephistus
      Joe has made a point in his campaign about “coming after your guns” and said he would put Beto O’rourke in charge of that. He also stated he’s coming after the NRA. Maybe you can draw some conclusions? Maybe he was just pulling our leg, trying to get elected or maybe he won’t remember it?

      About God – Joe supports Critical Race Theory. CRT has no place for God in its ideology. Joe supports CRT training. So far just in the government.

      Flags – Many flags are being burnt and were burnt in the riots in our streets in the last year by self proclaimed Marxist and even a few Communists. The democrats including Joe did not have one word for the rioters or the flag burning in their national convention. Crickets. Why?

      Sounds like you have been listening to the state media for too long, where censorship is now considered a right and a privilege. Where speaking truth to power is suddenly SO out of style and just plain rude!

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