Cancel Culture Back at Bloomington Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

A country without history is no longer a country. Since the local socialists want to destroy capitalism, the basis for America, history must be re-written. Instead of studying the foundations of our country and the world it must all be erased.

Countries around the world celebrate Christopher Columbus as a great explorer and visionary. Learning the truth is no longer allowed. A guy praised for his accomplishments for more than 500 years must be erased.

President Trump created a 1776 Commission through the Department of Education to force teaching history in Public Schools. That commission produced this report:

On day one of the Biden Administration that report was removed from the website. It’s much easier to a destroy a country if nobody is ever taught what made it great, both the good and the bad. History must be studied so it isn’t repeated. The Republic is stronger with informed citizens. Obviously that isn’t the intention of radicals.

I wonder if Carrillo knows both Biden’s and Harris’s ancestors owned slaves?

Have some fun: Type into your browser and see where it takes you.






14 thoughts on “Cancel Culture Back at Bloomington Monday

  1. It’s interesting that people like Carillo want to live in America for the included benefits yet deny and destroy the foundation of those benefits. Not wanting to be insulting here but this is a clear case on her part of being ignorant of the facts. People aren’t perfect nor are countries. As we grow we learn and good people hope to be better, learning from their mistakes. That is what America has been. Trying to be better but we must remember our history so we do better the next time. Discussing history helps with critical thinking to continue on the path to be better.

      1. Cletuswicker,
        I think Carrillo is smarter than you think. She knows how to use the Marxist manipulation toolbox pretty well.

  2. What the democrat/socialist/marxist/communist party is doing IS based on history. Just not American history. You need to look at the foundations of Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Critical Theory to understand where they are coming from.
    The “head in the clouds, just not Trump” common democrat voter (useful idiots) think everything is fine but in fact they’ve taken us on a terrible turn. The Biden administration (useful idiot 2), either implicitly or explicitly is embracing Critical Theory. It is being re-implemented in government training as “race sensitivity training” and it looks like it will be required curriculum in our schools soon.

    I would say google Critical Theory but no telling what you might get doing that. It is important that you get a good historical understanding of Critical Theory because it has come back and its new tactics are working their way into our society. For example they teach, you are no longer an individual, you are a member of a group that is either oppressed or an oppressor and you will be dealt with accordingly. Period. End of discussion.
    Socialism, Marxism and Communism failed but they haven’t given up.

      1. Yes Diane that is one face of Critical Theory. Here’s a good explanation if you have some time to take a look. James Lindsey is not a conservative ideology, he’s actually a mathematician and has written a book called Cynical Theory that is very interesting.

  3. I wonder if Carillo knows that her ancestors probably had slaves. It’s been going on for centuries! No one is pure!

  4. If America is so bad and fatally flawed with systemic racism, why are so many people from nearly every race, culture, religion, and belief system across the world trying to get in, legally or illegally? And of this coming to the U.S., what types of government are they leaving behind in their homeland? Might be interesting to hear the responses to these questions from the local socialists.

  5. Dick brings up a good point. Carillo most likely has living relatives that don’t like queers either. Oh the humanity!

  6. “Systemic” ? Carillo does not even know what the world means. IF there was systemic racism in Bloomington , Carillo would not even be a resident much less on the city council.

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