Facts immaterial to Carrillo

By: Diane Benjamin

On Bloomington’s agenda tonight Jenn Carrillo wants the Council to petition the Federal and State governments to replace Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day. https://blnnews.com/2021/01/22/cancel-culture-back-at-bloomington-monday/

Evidently Jenn doesn’t know the entire month of November is Native American People’s month. Maybe she doesn’t know that’s another way of saying Indigenous People’s month. Maybe that month should be cancelled since it discriminants against all other people! Inclusiveness no longer matters Jenn?

Payments tonight:

I hope someday to see abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission back on the ballot because it is a waste of money and they do a poor job with elections. Remember the November ballot was wrong?

The City spent $14,711.89 buying from Amazon instead of local – see PDF pages 101-106 https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=25772

Following Amazon are many Wire Transfers with descriptions only the Finance Department understands.

Then there is this PCard purchase:

Mislabeled – more likely Employee Relations since the Community wasn’t involved.

11 thoughts on “Facts immaterial to Carrillo

  1. The City has a Community Relations Commission. Note: the commission will be asked to plan & execute the Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrations.
    I hope the history of the Indigenous People is not “whitewashed” to remove the genocide inflicted on each other. And, it should be recognized that those referred to as Indigenous or Native are really the first settlers who transversed the Beiring Straight and migrated across the American continent. Facts do matter!!

  2. WHAT did Guatemala EVER do to deserve Jenn? And when JENN opens her uninformed mouth (which is WAY TOO OFTEN) and brings up “Indigenous peoples” lets ask WHAT people are we talking about?
    The FIRST of Mongol descent that came over the Bearing Strait hunting Mammoths, or the later folks like Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas? Maybe she means the Kwakutil, Athapascan and Haida. And where do the Cree, Crow, Blackfoot, Apache, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Natchez, Seminole and Sioux fit in JENN?
    Or MAYBE she means the Bloods, Krips, M-13 and HER PEEPS?

    1. She considers herself as an indigenous person. Perhaps. But, her lineage is also connected to the Spanish conquistadors who inflicted genocide on the Incas and Mayans…so there is that…

  3. I’m thinking that Jenn is disingenuous and that day is already celebrated the first Tuesday of November every couple of years so maybe she ought to be satisfied with that.

  4. Once again, the Bloomington City Council (as a matter of fact, Normal too) demonstrate their in-your-face corruption with resource-wasting, self-serving, self-enriching and at times downright evil schemes that have zero to do with serving our communities. With very few exceptions, all are grifting carpetbaggers hell-bent on openly stealing taxpayer money and ripping apart the decent fabric of two once-livable cities. Diane has done a stellar job of exposing all this…yet very few people in BN pay attention. That is all about to change. Buckle up, patriots. For those of you who have been paying attention, you know what I’m saying is true.

  5. DO TELL! I FORGOT all about that. I didn’t even mention WHAT the SPANISH (you listening JENN)? Conquistadors did to the INDIGENOUS people of THIS country! YES, They put Native Americans into slavery and made them work mines, haul packs, show them the gold, violated their squaws, killed them wholesale, and TRIED to make them good little christians. And JENN wants to talk about this?? About the ONLY good thing the spanish did for the indians was introduce the horse, along with guns-wonderful “peeps” you come from Jenn..
    As the miffed indian on the reservation said to the white man “GET OFF MY LAND”!

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