UPDATE: Large turnout for Ward 7 primary! 301 people

If you love Jenn Carrillo’s version of governing, you will love Kelby:

By: Diane Benjamin

I wonder how the poll workers kept up with so many voters exercising their constitutional right to pick their representatives:

Keep doing this voters and somebody is going to propose abolishing elections because they are just too expensive and people don’t care anyway.

Ward 7 has 4,477 voters. 4,176 had better things to do from 6:00am to 7:00pm.

I hope the Bloomington Election Commission managed to get the vote tally right. It could have been done by hand.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Large turnout for Ward 7 primary! 301 people

  1. Need to leave offices unfilled if there is not at least 50% of voters participating.
    Obviously if only 301 people feel te office is important enough to vote 4000 do not, so close it down. Or go to Australian voting where failure to do so results in a fine.

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  2. They voted for a guy named Kelby….ok, yes, I know I know his parents gave him the name, but, I don’t know must be my old age and experience talking, this is not a good sign. The anemic voter turnout as well is very disheartening. I agree that uninformed voters voting is not the answer either. I’m also not sure what is. Ignorance is a terrible thing and as Charles Dickens said “This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for he is the cause of the other” I would love to know the demographic make-up of the 301 who toddled in to cast their votes.


      1. Yes, there is that to consider, it’s not like they make a big deal out of it I guess seeing all of the signs in people’s yards doesn’t stir any curiosity either.


  3. I live in ward 7 and I voted yesterday. You are probably right people didn’t realize a primary was going on. Five candidates and only one knocked on my door and I don’t even think I even saw a campaign sign.

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  4. The Bloomington Election Commission continues to waste tax payer dollars and should be consolidated into ONE office, that one office should be the office that currently handles Normal and McLean County – under Kathy Michael. Having the separate Bloomington Election Commission creates confusion and frustrations for Bloomington voters…and wastes tax payer money, but I already mentioned that before.
    THIS Ward 7 Primary is a great example of the waste and confusion.

    I called the Bloomington Elections Commission office to ask why on earth there was an election for ONE Ward – Ward #7 (…because I thought all odd numbered Wards should be voted on) and I was told the reason for this election for Ward #7 is because there was 1 too many names on the ballot for Ward #7!
    The way it was explained over the phone is that the time and money spent on this Primary was simply to remove one name from the ballot for Ward #7.

    My guess is that most voters did not understand WHY there was a primary election for only one Ward – Ward #7. And it was also unclear WHO could vote in the Ward #7 primary – only registered voters who live in Ward #7?


  5. 23 entries about Council woman Jennifer Carrillo on this blog. More evidence that Jen Carrillo is living rent free in your head.


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