Update: Massive Journalism FAIL

Tari Renner on WJBC this morning: https://post.futurimedia.com/wjbcam/playlist/26/listen-1273.html?cb=1614188824.212135&fbclid=IwAR2bkJ0Mt5rUvXFk1H0qILFjNK_Uzw9XZvqqh4fxq08IVJnyR54s8YyUZfs

By: Diane Benjamin

Numerous media outlet have covered Tari Renner’s rant at Monday’s City Council meeting. Not ONE has bothered to look at the evidence presented by the Edgar County Watchdogs. Not ONE has asked how the story got started.

If any of you had bothered to investigate I could tell you I was tipped off. Yes, I have sources inside the City of Bloomington who were not happy with how this case was handled. I teamed up with the Watchdogs because I knew this was a big story. Actually we have more information we can’t release because we were told “off the record” and we respect that. It would take people who believe in truth and justice to get the complete story.

Obviously Tari Renner isn’t one of those people.

It is an honor to be called a piece of garbage by Renner twice! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post this again – just for those who missed it:

Tari was on WJBC this morning calling me and the Edgar County Watchdogs liars. Of course WJBC is one of those “media” outlets who haven’t bothered with the facts. Maybe if I post the Watchdogs story again they will actually read it and do a tiny bit of investigation. Tari wasn’t asked a single question about facts or the lawsuit it took to get them!

City Manager Tim Gleason was on WJBC yesterday, again not asked about the facts. He stated the City paid “a couple of thousand” to make the case go away. Not true, it was $4500 because, just like the Coliseum cases, the City wanted to avoid open court at any expense! They quietly settled and hoped the story would go away. Hear Gleason: https://post.futurimedia.com/wjbcam/playlist/26/listen-1271.html?cb=1614097958.566847&fbclid=IwAR25QWlSR6X7rNcAbjPadUS2hcBjAmtYneK5hjErR1MLBr2Rd-ML8UX2z-M

Proof of payment and the ECW story are linked here: https://blnnews.com/2021/02/23/pop-goes-the-tari/

If any media had bothered to read the story instead of giving Tari all the attention, they would have seen this:

Media has ZERO interest? Can we say journalism is dead?

Tari’s abuse isn’t the story. Tari’s failure to control himself isn’t the story. Tari’s lies aren’t the story.

Continuing to quote from the Watchdogs story:

JOURNALISTS didn’t find that in any way interesting because investigative reporting is too difficult?

This proves why bloggers must exist. Journalists decided a long time ago that facts don’t matter if it requires investigation to find them.

If Tari really wanted to offend me, he should call me a journalist.

7 thoughts on “Update: Massive Journalism FAIL

  1. Plain and SIMPLE, Tari CANNOT control his temper or MOUTH, and when he don’t get his way, he kicks into Machiavellian mode and becomes the screaming 4 year old at the grocery store whose mommy isn’t getting him a candy bar. Keep it up Tari, it’s fun to watch..
    I feel sorry for the people who HAVE TO WORK around/with him..
    No wonder we CANNOT get GOOD people to run for office. Instead we get the like of Jenn and Crabill, this is the way THEY also handle things when they don’t go their way.

  2. Local journalism has clearly been replaced by the news sources such as BLN News.

    The Pantagraph no longer covers local high school sporting events. In a recent conversation with them they admitted to have so little staff and an early printing deadline (because they outsourced the printing of the paper) that games are not even completed by press time.

    I got the impression they have a couple of people to cut and paste the wire stories and any local or investigative reporting is a thing of the past.

    1. The only thing in the “Slantagraph” any good are the cartoons and some of the sale ads. No real news. National Enquirer is a better news source than the Pantagraph.

  3. Local media is partnering with local government. They have learned if they don’t make waves they may be rewarded with a government job.

  4. This morning the WJBC host.failed to put Renner in his place by asking what lies were you talking about. Instead what Renner got was a free pass to spew more. Their focus was on the skirmish that Renner has with Diane and the Edgar County watch dogs. The WJBC host had no interest in the underlying police issue here. Well blow me away I thought Democrats were all for calling out police brutality, abuse of power, etc.

  5. Anyone besides me notice that King Renner has aged terribly the last couple of years? That’s either a sign of physical illness or the evil inside is eating away at him. It’s one of the other.

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