Mugshots of the 5 DOC employees

Since the Edgar County Watchdogs already have them posted, go to their site to see them:

16 thoughts on “Mugshots of the 5 DOC employees

  1. Aside from the obvious questions and concern here…
    There is an equal question and concern as to why the Slantagraph or any other local news outlet PURPOSELY did not report this.
    I do not believe it is just laziness.

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      1. They’ve got enough reporters to interview Tari immediately after you busted him breaking COVID quarantine and print his ridiculous cover-up about that.

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  2. WMBD did have this story last evening and even showed DAT BAR and the mug shoots, but ONLY on the 6 p.m. news. NO OTHERS!
    Looked like a motley bunch of THUGS!


  3. So these 5 guys went into a bar by there workplace and jumped 3 guys….. and we have no idea why? hmmmm so it was either:
    a) after work drink, and someone got lippy after a few drinks (it is Lexington, and a few were black)
    b) someone had a beef with someone there, and went in with intent
    c) something else I haven’t considered


  4. If they were heading towards Bloomington then it would be the halfway mark…. sometimes you just want cheap beer at the small town hole in the wall bar


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