Another unrelated DOC employee arrested

By: Diane Benjamin

The 6th Illinois Department of Corrections employee was arrested in an unrelated case to the 5 previous arrests because of a bar brawl in Lexington:

See the details and mug shot:

Andrew Krominga was charged with Domestic Battery/Bodily Harm, and Domestic Battery/Physical Contact, on Friday, February 26, 2021.

One thought on “Another unrelated DOC employee arrested

  1. Unrelated. Well, yes, fair to say that given the facts.
    But six arrests of COs from the same facility, all within the same month, is strange.
    I note that the first two comments under this article on the Edgar County Watchdog site this morning unnecessarily and forcefully assert that there is no connection between this arrest and the other 5 arrests. There was never any connection implied in the article. Funny how they went out of their way to defend the non-connection.

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