And the winners are . . .

By: Diane Benjamin

The winners on April 6th will be determined solely on turnout. Around 20% will bother to vote, most people won’t know there is an election. They won’t understand local politics will hurt them far more than any November election. Unless YOU get people to the poles, these people will win. Guess who is running their campaigns? See below.

It is up to you to decide if Bloomington will be ruled by socialists.

Progressives think government makes better decisions than the people can on their own. Progressives have made a TON of bad local decisions for control and power. People First Coalition is no different, freedom isn’t mentioned on their site. Elected officials and candidates have no special training or powers but they are sure good at pretending they do! Look beyond rhetoric before voting.

Bloomington never had the discussion on the ROLE of Government. Providing essential services and then allowing people to create their own utopia isn’t part of the People First ideology. Redistributing wealth is:

6 thoughts on “And the winners are . . .

  1. Please people, don’t be lazy. It’s about the only job you have in the community. I pray that people get acquainted with the issues and the candidates, them exercise their privilege to vote. Be a mentor, take your kids, teach them and lead by example, bring a friend or neighbor. Go someplace fun like Dairy Queen afterwards to celebrate your role in the greatest democracy on the planet. Whatever you do, don’t squander the chance to make a difference.

  2. Wonder what Jenn envisions for replacing capitalism after she helps dismantles it. Only in BN would that statement go unquestioned or unchecked by the media and local so-called leadership. Will she be taking over State Farm “for the people”?

    1. They want the majority to be dependent on the government. Government doesn’t create jobs, business owners create jobs.

      State Farm has been quietly leaving McLean County. They are taking their tax moneies and community contributions/donations with them.

      1. Indeed. I warned local leaders years ago that Big Red was moving tech, high pay, and high skill jobs out of BN and replacing them with claims, call center, and other lower skill, menial jobs. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with these or any other job for that matter, but it’s going to rock the economy and future prospects for the community. The ministry of propaganda can say ‘about 15,000 employees’ all they want, and it might (underline might) be true, but the type of job, skillset, and income strata are different.

  3. look you say this every time about local elections. yall never go do the work we do we go door to door every door . do that you might win one. if you worked over the trailer parks in jenns hood you might be able to fuck her up. kelby say hi and that he misses the old you .

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