New brick street?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

South Mitsubishi Parkway, now Rivian Motorway, was never completed. The anticipated development never happened which also made Bloomington’s #5 Fire Station a relic before it was ever used.

Sometime in the last week it did become a dumping ground however. Maybe Bloomington is going to finish it in brick! Maybe Bloomington is stockpiling bricks to finally repair the way-to-expensive-to-fix old brick streets they have now:

Maybe people who live on brick streets are supposed to fill up their trunk and fix whatever is in front of their house themselves.

Or maybe somebody thought this was a good idea since the road was never finished anyway. Thoughts?

Remember this mess? It’s GONE!

2 thoughts on “New brick street?

  1. Now if something can be done with Hannah street/US150 from Lincoln to Kellers Iron skillet. That road may as well be gravel…pothole,patching,pebbles…

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