UPDATE: Justin Barr is at it again

A police report was filed!

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m not sure why anyone would ever hire Justin Barr, but an area guy did. According to his plea bargain Justin Barr should be in jail for violating his probation. https://blnnews.com/2020/02/27/justin-barr-woodford-and-will-counties/

The victim sent me a copy of a lawsuit filed in April 2021. I don’t know if a police report has been filed, I don’t have a phone number to find out. Barr wasn’t already in jail because a negotiated plea was created so all his previous victims got their money back. Obviously that did nothing to stop Barr from continuing his criminal activity.

I redacted the plaintiff’s name, there won’t be a hearing until October. This is just page 1:

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